Mix and Match Your Way into Spring

     With spring in the air and a spring in our step, we welcome the new season with newfound style and sass.  Mix and match fashion trends have always been a mainstay in the fashion industry, but it’s definitely an easier task with the dark colors of fall and winter.  All of those neutral tones seem to just flow together as easy as the ingredients to pumpkin pie, but as soon as the colors of spring start busting out all over (pun intended!), we have some serious style struggles on our well-manicured hands.  This season, like many before, has some fierce flower power as spring’s main event.  Bold and bright will also be added to the vernacular this spring as will stars and stripes and many, many more.  Keep reading on for some of the best and brightest ways to pull off the mix and match trend! 

Pretty, Pretty Prints 

One of the best ways to venture into spring and color is to go with a print.  Start off with either a blouse with a solid bottom or vise versa for those of you who are accustomed to a more sleek and solid style.  Don’t shy away from a good mix and match medley, but do chose prints that compliment, not contrast each other.  For example, it’s appropriate to pair a brightly colored floral skirt with a light colored pinstriped blouse.  Also, you can pair up a bold striped top with a small herringbone printed leggings, finished off with something solid such as a denim jacket.  The point is to have fun with prints and colors; it is after all, a new season! 

Color MHappy! 

If you’re like me, my favorite “color” of the rainbow tends to be black, so why not turn that upside down this spring?  Sure, we all know about black’s slimming power, but did you know that you can get just as good of a slimming effect by keeping your clothes properly fitted?  If you tend to shy away from color, then try adding just a pop sporadically, or even better, start with light layers.  A good example of hopping onto the color bandwagon without going full steam ahead is to try a fitted floral slinky tank.  Slip a cute and cozy cardigan or lightweight blazer atop, and then you can opt for your black bottom. You can also flip this look by reversing the floral print on the bottom with a pair of brightly colored pencil pants and a darker blouse or tunic on top.  Either way, you’ll get your color on and still keep your signature black. 

Trends and Things 

Lots of fun frills and details are popping up this spring for sure!  Bell sleeves have never been better- they are on everything from dresses and blouses to blazers and even denim jackets.  I love the bell sleeve just because it really has such a spring/summer vibe, and it also has a definite slimming effect.  Anytime we widen an appendage with clothing, be it our wrists, forearms or ankles, it makes our core appear visually narrower—and that is always a welcome change!  Another fun detail that should be in all of our wardrobes this spring is lace.  I just love anything that can have lace added to it, and this spring, it seems to be popping up all over on everything such as denim jackets, dresses and blouses.  I’ve even seen this trend in accessories. So, do be sure to add a few pieces into your closet before this fun trend disappears! 

     May is a month of transition in many more ways than one.  It’s really about that hard break of the chilly air and late snows of April, so now is a great time to stock up on everything fun and floral, bright and bold. Don’t worry too much about clashing or looking out of sorts by mixing and matching because chances are, if you’ve crossed the proverbial fashion faux pas line, you’ll know it!  Venture your way into color and print by easing into it one color, one print, one trend at a time!  

By Kelly A. Smith