Men in Our Community Making a Difference

By: Paula Green      

         Last month, we enlightened you on several women that are making a difference in our community.  This month, we are pleased to introduce a few inspirational men that have found the keys to success, and are willing to share their triumphant journeys.

 Men_BullickJoe Bullick, curator North Allegheny History Museum.  If you want to walk down a historical path in the North Hills, then contact Joe Bullick.  Nearly 16 years ago, Joe started the history museum at North Allegheny.   As he notes, “My son suggested that I open a museum since I have thousands of collectibles.  I received the backing of Dr. Lawrence Bozzomo (who was NA’s superintendent at the time).  The museum started off at Bradford Woods and moved numerous times.  Currently it is at McKnight Elementary.  McCandless Township is in the process of building a permanent museum.  This is rewarding for me because I am making people happy.  So many folks have donated items to my museum.  I love it when school kids visit, they get so excited, and it is educational for them.  It is really important to give of yourself.   I also feel that everybody should write down their life’s story.  It is a good way to leave your legacy.  If you want to do something, then do it, and be sure to love what you are doing.”  To learn more, call (412) 635-4080 or email

 Dr. R. Patrick Francis, of Francis Audiology committed to, “Expand Your Hearing Experience.”  As he explains, “I came to work in the field ofMen_Francis Audiology out of a desire to work with, and help people.  I worked in a variety of hospital settings before finding a ‘home’ in audiology.  I found the profession to be a combination of science, and art, and enabled many avenues of service.  After working in the school system of southern West Virginia, I spent the next twenty years working in hospitals and in medical offices in and around Pittsburgh.  Finally, I opened my own office eight years ago.  The most rewarding aspect of my work, is to the ability to help people regain their independence, social activities and relationships that have been threatened by the insidious nature of hearing and balance disorders.  I would encourage students to investigate the various avenues open to audiologists, from research to expert witnesses and from medical settings to private practice before committing to an educational path.”  Visit the Francis Audiology website at

Men_Levinson Dr. Bradley Levinson, MD is a colorectal surgeon in Cranberry Township.  Dr. Levinson discusses how he got started in his medical practice, “I believed, correctly so, that a career as a colon and rectal surgeon would allow me to perform major surgery, diagnostic tests such as colonoscopies, and at the same time be in contact with patients on a regular basis.  Above all, I feel honored to have had the opportunity to meet so many interesting patients over the last almost 30 years.  Treating and often, curing, them of disease only adds substantially to the rewarding sense of purpose.  If you want to perform many different types of surgery and have an office practice where you can get to know your patients in a personal and professional manner, then colon and rectal surgery is for you.  For more information on Dr. Levinson’s colon and rectal surgery practice, call (724) 741-6020.

 Dr. Robert H. Potter, MD is a physician who specializes in Family Medicine and works with Genesis Medical Associates, Inc.  He attended Men_PotterAllegheny College and majored in Education.  Eventually, he followed in his father’s footsteps and studied medicine.  As Dr. Potter notes, “My father was a family doctor, and I learned from him.  It amazed me how well he knew his patients, I have gotten to be the same way.  I have treated some of my patients for 25 to 30 years, and it is rewarding to be able to help these people.  The other thing that I find rewarding is the trip I take every year with a group of about 20 other medical professionals.  We go down to Honduras, and we treat the residents in this impoverished community.   We visit the same village every year, and these people are truly grateful for the medical care they received from us.  Even though there is so much training and commitment involved in being a physician, it is well worth it, because you do so many positive things and make people feel better.  For more information on Dr. Potter and Genesis Medical Associates, Inc., call (412) 630-2670 or visit

 Men_Shawn Dr. Shawn Richey, DC, chiropractor.   Dr. Shawn feels you should be passionate about what you do and never forget what your purpose is.  When I was 29 and in the corporate world, I realized that my career was not my passion.  I knew I wanted to spend every day doing something that would make a difference.  Realizing the potential of Chiropractic Care, and the opportunity to improve a person’s life who has ultimately given up hope I knew this was what I wanted to do every day.  I continued my education, and in addition to treating typical aches and pains, I also specialize in Peripheral Neuropathy and weight loss.  I have witnessed miraculous stories of how my treatments have changed people’s quality of life.  Most people that come to my office have gone to every length to improve their impaired health and given up hope that they will not be able to live the way they want.  To see a person transform from a beat down, exhausted soul to an inspired, excited for life individual is better than anything you can imagine.”  For more information on Dr. Shawn’s Chiropractic Family Health Center, call (724) 940-9000.

David Smith, attorney and owner of the Wexford Ale HouseDave has a dual role in the corporate world; he is both a practicing attorney and a Men_Smithbusiness owner.  He shares why he chose his career path.  “I became an attorney because I enjoy the analysis and thought process behind legal reasoning, but even more so because it is a profession that allows me to truly help people.  The same was true about starting the Wexford Ale House.  I wanted to create a place that was a comfortable place for people to enjoy themselves and brighten their day.  What I like the most in regards to the legal profession and the restaurant business is the opportunity to make someone’s day a little better.  I have learned that you should follow your instincts, and stick to your beliefs and vision, no matter what your profession.  In providing legal advice or starting a business, the confidence to believe in your position and your ability to follow through with your position is of the utmost importance.”  Visit Dave’s website, at