McGroarty & Bradburn Insurance, Inc. 

By Janice Lane Palko 

No one likes to be left vulnerable, but you may leaving yourself exposed to trouble without even knowing it. The insurance professionals at McGroarty & Bradburn Insurance, Inc., an independent agency, can make sure that your exposure to liability is minimized.  

“As an independent agency, we do the shopping for our clients. We have relationships with more than 25 national and regional insurance carriers,” said Michael McGroarty Jr., CIC, “and we can get you the best coverage at the best price.” And prices do vary widely among carriers. “I recently researched a policy for a client, and the premiums ranged from $1,800-$4,500,” said McGroarty. 

Located in Pittsburgh, McGroarty & Bradburn Insurance can handle all your personal and business insurance needs. The agency has been helping clients since 1926, and its team of experienced professionals are committed to making their clients their number one priority.  

The world changes rapidly these days, and your insurance coverage may not have kept pace with the times. If you don’t have personal umbrella Insurance, you may want to consider it. Your homeowners and auto policy only cover you so far, but what if you are hit with a $1 million law suit and your coverage only is for $100,000?  

“Umbrella policies protect you from the unknown. You have no way to know how much someone may sue you for,” said McGroarty. “Auto claims have the greatest risk, but a standard homeowner’s policy can leave you vulnerable too. Most people know that their homeowner’s policy covers slips and falls on their property, but what if you are in the Los Angeles airport and someone trips over your suitcase and sues you? That is not covered, but with an umbrella policy, you are covered no matter where you are,” said McGroarty. Umbrella policies can be bought in $1 million increments and provide peace of mind. 

An umbrella policy can also protect you from libel and slander claims. You may think that you don’t need that type of coverage—that you’re not famous or influential—but think again. “If you have a kid or a teen on the internet, and they post something that is deemed harmful, you may be slapped with a law suit,” said McGroarty. “These types of suits are becoming more common; so much so that some agencies exclude this from their policies, but we put it on every one of ours.” 

The second area where you may need to revisit your coverage is for your jewelry or fine arts. “Most jewelry coverage is for $3,000-$5,000. The value of many engagement rings alone these days exceeds $5,000,” said McGroarty. A blanket policy can cover not only jewelry but also other valuables such as fine arts, coin collections, firearms, etc. 

“We always offer a free analysis of your insurance and free quotes,” said McGroarty. To make sure that you are adequately insured, contact McGroarty & Bradburn at: 412-444-4470 or visit their website at: