Mary Maloney

Welcome Back! 

On Tuesday, April 6, 14-year-old eighth-grader Mary Maloney returned to her classroom at Blessed Francis Seelos Academy in Wexford. Her classmates and teachers were so thrilled to have her back that they greeted her with a special celebration. 

Mary was paralyzed at the end of August in a trampoline accident. The paralysis left her unable to move from mid-chest through her toes. A few days after her injury, doctors discovered that Mary had suffered a rare spinal stroke. 

Before her fall, Mary felt a sharp pain in both of her shoulder blades. “The questions then arose:  Did Mary fall because she suffered the stroke in her back, or did the stroke cause her to fall?” said Mary’s mother, Pam Surano. 

“Following the spinal injury, Mary was hospitalized at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. She was eventually transported to Magee Rehabilitation Jefferson Health in Philadelphia, where she received further treatment. Following her care in Philly, Mary was sent for intensive treatment at Frazier Rehab and Neuroscience Center in Louisville, Kentucky. She was in an outpatient Ronald McDonald House, and although Mary had made tremendous progress, we knew it was time to come home. She needed to be with her two brothers, Jimmy and Michael, and she needed to see her dad and friends,” Pam added. 

Mary returned to her Butler County home in March, and after Easter, she was back into her classroom at Seelos. “Mary was stressed and experienced anxiety about her return to school, but it ended up being a wonderful experience for her. She could not have asked for a nicer reception. The people at BFSA are so warm and welcoming. Mary was delighted,” Pam said. 

“Our pastor, Reverend Will Wuenschel from our church, Saint Aidan Parish in Wexford, has been wonderful. He visited Mary while she was in Philadelphia and Kentucky. Bishop Zubik has reached out to her as well. The people of Pittsburgh have been so supportive too. We could never have gotten through this without all of the love and prayers for Mary,” Pam noted. 

Mary is currently attending therapy at UPMC Mercy and Adventures in Training with a Purpose in Wexford with former Steeler Jon Kolb. She attends Adventures three days a week, and on Saturdays, she goes to RAW gym. 

Pam noted that “Mary continues to work hard. I am confident that she will walk again. On two occasions, Mary has told me that God has spoken to her, and he told her he will heal her. I believe that with all my heart.”