Mary Casamassa

By Paula Green

       Amateur boxing is not about knocking your opponent out; rather, the focus of each contest is to score as many cumulative points as possible. This month we are introducing a local teen who is a familiar face on the amateur boxing circuit. Eighteen-year-old, Aquinas Academy senior Mary Casamassa has developed a true passion for this combat sport. 


“I have been boxing for a little over two years now, and I got involved in the sport because my three older brothers all boxed. I thought it would be a unique experience that I would never forget. I was also tired of the drama of girl’s high school basketball that I had experienced before. It was very cliquish and the program did not challenge me. I chose boxing because it is difficult and requires courage,” Mary said.

       In October, Mary boxed a girl from Italy, and she was recently featured on ESPN. Her boxing talents have also been highlighted on YouTube.

        When Mary is not busy in the boxing ring, she can be found on the basketball court. Her skills and athleticism in this sport have made her a D-1 prospect. “Basketball started for me in fourth grade, and since then I have played for numerous travel teams and AAU programs. I played for North Allegheny in grade school and mostly for Drill for Skill in high school (an AAU program). This year, I will be playing at Aquinas Academy,” said Mary.

        “My school and my training keep me pretty busy, so I am not involved with many clubs at my school. I am a part of our academic committee, and I have been considering joining the math club,” Mary added.

          Mary resides in Franklin Park Borough with her parents John and Abigail Casamassa. She is the youngest of six children; her siblings are John, Michael, Robert, Catherine and Isabel.

           Mary will graduate from Aquinas in the spring, and she plans on continuing her studies. As she noted, “My plan for after high school is to major in engineering–either architectural or civil, potentially with a second major of architecture or construction management. I hope to start my own design/building company someday.”