Mad about plaid 

     It seems like cool weather and plaid prints were made for each other!  I love a plaid print just as much as the next girl, but I don’t want to relegate my penchant for plaid to a single flannel shirt. I especially love anything in a red plaid, even if it’s suggests a strapping paper towel lumberjack. I can’t get enough of it! This enduring print has a staying power and actually is on fire this fall. Plaid, flannel print, tartan, and gingham are all a bit different but are used interchangeably, and are all a blanket term for plaid fashion wear. It seems like just about every designer has incorporated some fun version of plaid into their fall and winter lines.  Whether you like to keep it simple with a cute plaid blouse in muted tones or choose an unapologetically brightly colored coat, picking your particular type of plaid can help pull together an otherwise drab outfit.  Read on and let’s see which plaid styles speak to you. 

Easy and breezy tops—this one is a classic.  A cute plaid shirt, whether it be flannel, silky or blousy, can really top off a simple look. Paired with denim or even simple black leggings, you really can’t go wrong. For a look that is more sophisticated, yet still standing in the casual corner, try tucking in your plaid top with a sleek and solid pair of slacks finished off, of course, with a gold chain statement belt draped around your waist.  You will have a style that is edgy, yet timeless! 

Dressed for plaid success—Tops aren’t the only plaid that is seeking attention.  If you love the look of plaid but prefer a more “lady-like” version of it, then look no further than the dress department at your favorite store.  You can wear the streamlined version of a plaid shirt by choosing a plaid dress that buttons down-basically, the longer counterpart of the plaid shirt.  For a true plaid experience, try a bold printed dress over a pair of tights or leggings and team it up with a trendy fall knee boot of your choice.  You can also try a tartan skirt (no, not the micro mini version!) in any color and toss a cozy sweater atop. Finesse your fall flair with a pair of ankle boots to really ring in the season! 

Leggy-looks—it seems that plaid has cornered the market on fall leggings and tights. I love this look because you can make an effortless statement with just two pieces, leggings and a long tunic, or a dress with a shorter hemline and plaid/printed tights.  It’s a win-win for all because it’s a universally flattering look that can easily be accessorized with anything from boots to ballet flats.  Either way, you can get your plaid on in a pinch! 

Semi-mad for plaid—If you’re not one to draw attention to yourself with big, bold or bright plaid prints, but you still want to partake in the plaid movement, try scattering small touches of plaid throughout your current fall wardrobe.  Consider a fitted, plaid blazer with small checks and earthy tones to compliment, and dress up a pair of jeans.  You can also give new life to an ensemble that evokes a ho-hum feel by simple adding a plaid scarf or poncho to the mix.  Another good way to add some plaid to your look is by way of boots or handbag- subtle, yet sophisticated. 

      Don’t hesitate to mix and match your plaid wear- just as long as your colors are in harmony and your prints sizes don’t clash. It’s more or less anything goes. Whether you raid your closet from last year’s finds or opt for new pieces, keep in mind that simpler is better for this tried and true print that is synonymous with falling leaves, cooler weather, and lest we forget, Mr. Brawny man- a true trend-setter!  

   By Kelly A. Smith