MABC Mortgage Spotlight

Relocating to Pittsburgh? In Need of Relocation Financing?

If you are one of the great influx of professionals moving to Pittsburgh and need relocation specific financing, MABC Mortgage, LLC is the company to call.

Pittsburgh is experiencing tremendous growth in the fields of science, technology, engineering, healthcare, law and more. To meet the demand, thousands of doctors, engineers and other professionals are relocating to the area.

Whether you are moving from another city, state or country, you may find yourself in a maze of neighborhoods, schools, housing options and ultimately having difficulties with finding a bank that will close your loan before you receive your first paycheck.

If you are one of the many who are concerned with timing and the coordination of relocating your family after you have started your new position because your lender requires a first pay stub, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you have financing options. MABC Mortgage can help.

“First, we welcome you to the Pittsburgh area and work with agents who will help you and your family find the right home, introduce you to the plethora of excellent schools, both public and private, then, we work with our lenders to obtain financing that is right for your specific financial situation.  Yes, even BEFORE you start your job,” explains broker and owner Colleen Anthony.

“When you find yourself with a job offer here in Pittsburgh, you may need time to get your life in order and your family moved before starting your job. We can close on your new home within 60 days of your employment start date, a pay stub is not required continues Mrs. Anthony. “In addition, if you are moving from another country, we can advise on the proper type of visa you need to buy property here.

“Another key to obtaining the necessary financing and to close on your new home in a timely fashion is to work with an excellent title company on your behalf,” states Mrs. Anthony. “We frequently work with Tina Sandherr at Pennsylvania Land Titles. They are efficient, thorough in their title searches and reasonable in their costs.”

Pennsylvania Land Titles performs title searches to ensure there are no liens against the property you wish to buy. Liens could be due to back taxes or abandoned mortgages that have not been paid by previous owners, then provides the necessary Title Insurance so you can buy your new home with confidence and free and clear title.

Pennsylvania Land Titles is also launching a new Palm Agent App that enables both agents and mortgage brokers such as MABC Mortgage to have the information instantly at their fingertips to inform you of closing costs, your monthly payments and more. To learn more about Tina Sandherr and the benefits provided by the Pennsylvania Land Titles, visit their website at

To learn more about how MABC Mortgage, LLC and their variety of loan programs and financing options, please visit or call (412) 358-9680.