“Lounge”-erie – Sexy and Comfy Options

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By Kelly A. Smith

       It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and what better time of the year to add to our intimate apparel.  When we think of lingerie, typically we envision corsets, bustiers, and lace stockings as the primary choice for the lingerie lover in us.  But can lingerie be sexy AND comfortable?  The answer is yes!  The word lingerie, itself in French, means “to lounge” so it only makes sense that such undergarments should offer some freedom of movement.  Lingerie should make us look and feel attractive while still offering comfort.  This idea of comfort however shouldn’t include a baggy t-shirt and ratty sweat pants.  In contrast, the prevailing notion of beauty in the form of a lingerie model sashaying down a runway is an unrealistic standard to hold ourselves.  So how exactly do we intertwine beauty, style and comfort to attain our own customized lingerie department at home?

 Know your Body Type

If you are top heavy, look for a camisole with a built-in support and make sure that the straps are wide enough to offer the support to pull of the look.  Stick to solid colors. Also, a good choice is a knee-length gown, preferably with an empire waistline.  The flouncy material around your thighs will balance out your top. For you bottom heavy girls, you don’t necessarily need to camouflage that booty.  Instead, embrace your curves with a gorgeous curve hugging one piece.  A good choice is a long A-line style with a plunging neckline.  This will give you that hourglass figure that is so desirable.

  Don’t Fear Color

     Find a flattering color that will accentuate your assets. For example, wear darker hues on the areas that you need to work on and lighter colors on your best assets.  By trying this little trick, you will appear more proportional. You don’t need to stick with the old adage of “black is slimming” because while it is true, using ANY solid color will give you a nice streamlined appearance. 

 Find the Right Fit

     The structure and seams of a garment will help hold you in if you have any unwanted bulges (and who doesn’t!),  but with today’s designers, thankfully for us, this can be accomplished without the harsh constraints of wires, and ribbing found in the lingerie of days gone by.

 Fabulous Fabrics

     There is an assortment of fabrics available today, but how do you choose the right one?  Well, keep in mind that your fabric choice will be dependent upon the occasion for which you are buying.  If you are shopping for an everyday nightie, then perhaps you should aim for cute, comfy, cotton as its breathable and requires little care.  Silk lingerie feels like butter on the skin; it slips on cool but eventually warms according to your body temperature.  Lycra is best for concealing flaws (think Spanx) and is used in some way, shape or form in most lingerie.  And let’s not forget everything lacy!  While lace does exemplify femininity, it should really be used on special occasions or it will loose its va-va-voom factor! 

Whether you’re looking to update a tired lingerie wardrobe or just adding a few pieces to spice things up, it’s best to take your time and try on lots and lots of different styles before buying.  Valentine’s Day is all about the romance, so spoil your feminine side this year with all things pretty!