Lose 30 lbs. In 30 Days and Keep it Off with Dr. Vactor’s Innovative Weight Loss Program!

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Has your weight loss plateaued? Do you eat right and exercise but the scale doesn’t move? Is your metabolism slowing due to middle age or over-eating? Are you having health-related issues due to your weight? Feeling aggravated, frustrated and helpless every time you get on the scale?

With Dr. Michael Vactor’s innovative weight loss program, you can lose up to 30 lbs. in 30 days and learn to keep it off, permanently.

How it Works: Unlike other weight loss programs, Dr. Vactor’s plan focuses on losing the weight and keeping it off through a safe, healthy system that is made up of ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS with NO STIMULANTS. The system is, quite simply, designed to increase your metabolism. The system increases your metabolism by naturally invigorating your hypothalamus (responsible for your metabolism), without stimulants, while decreasing your hunger response. This way, your own fat-burning engine works at its optimum performance while re-acclimating your metabolism to first lose the weight and then adjust to your new body to keep off the weight. Unlike other programs that you may have experienced, where you lose weight but then gain it all back or even more, this program focuses on first weight loss, then helping you readjust to the thinner you.

In addition, this program has consistent, predictable weight loss results where people also see a dramatic improvement in their overall HEALTH in about a month’s time. According to Dr. Vactor, “I have seen cholesterol numbers, blood pressure and blood sugar levels return to normal in 30 days. People who follow our program as outlined get great results! But I must be straight-forward about our system. You must be dedicated, committed and want results.”

Several different products come with the plan, as well as, a simple, easy-to-follow meal plan that is based on normal food that you can get anywhere and prepare easily for yourself. In addition, they supply pH-balanced, ionized drinking water which is another important part of the system. Also, exercise is NOT required. Alternatively, the focus, is getting the weight off first, so that exercise programs will help tone and strengthen rather than contribute to the risk of over-exertion from carrying too much weight.

Who is Dr. Michael Vactor, DC? Dr. Michael Vactor is a doctor of chiropractic, and a natural healthcare advocate in the north Pittsburgh area for over fifteen years. He is also an award winning expert in weight loss management and is frequently featured on KDKA-TV, WPXI, Cornerstone-TV, radio shows and other public speaking venues on health and weight-loss issues. In addition, Dr. Vactor also cares for the players, coaches and their families of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ and Pirates’ organizations.

To date, 90-95% of his patients have achieved their weight loss goals. YES, 90-95% of patients have achieved their weight loss goals. Dr. Vactor is so absolutely sure of the results and outcomes of his program, that he offers a GUARENTEE of RESULTS!

During this time, Dr. Vactor and his family have lived in the Cranberry and Mars area, where he is also devoted to his community and helping his patients reach their goals. Over fifteen years in this community, he would not and could not make any such guarantee claims for weight loss, if they weren’t true.

How to Get Started: If you are serious about losing up to 30 lbs. of extraneous weight, inches of your waist and, most importantly, improving your health in about a month’s time, call for a FREE, in-office review of this revolutionary weight loss system. Our office is conveniently located at 673 Castle Creek Drive, Ext. Suite 106 Seven Fields, PA 16046. Http://www.drvactor.com

Improve your health today! Call now, at 724-742-2700.

If you are one of the first 25 callers to schedule your no cost/no obligation consultation and in office review, and mention you saw Dr. Vactor on the cover of the Northern Connection’s June issue, you will receive a $50 discount good towards any of his guaranteed weight loss programs. Not valid with any other offers and new patients only are eligible.

Individual results may vary, depending on starting weight, adherence to the program and other factors. Complete details of the guarantee can be reviewed prior to starting the program.