Let Dr. James R. Werkmeister Periodontics Help You Avoid Tooth Loss

Werkmeister staffLet Dr. James R. Werkmeister Periodontics Help You Avoid Tooth Loss

Has your regular dentist recommended that you, or someone you know, see a Periodontist? If your dentist has, it is because you have a serious problem with your teeth or gums and are at serious risk for unsightly tooth loss, the expense and inconvenience of dentures and even heart attack or stroke.

As Dr. James R. Werkmeister DMD, MS explains, “Periodontal Disease (also called gum disease) is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Untreated Periodontal Disease has been associated with heart attack and stroke as well as other medical conditions. Tooth loss due to Gum Disease is preventable with treatment, and treating your Gum Disease will help to improve your overall health. Periodontists treat problems associated with the supporting structures of the teeth (the gums and bone support). Periodontists are the foundation subcontractors of dentistry. Just like your home, a good foundation is necessary. In addition to gum disease, periodontists also treat gum recession (a condition that also threatens the retention of teeth) and other conditions of the gums and work with your dentist toward your optimal dental health.”

Over the years, Dr. Werkmeister and his staff have helped thousands of Pittsburgh area patients just like you. His practice is located at 1000 Brooktree Road, Suite 304 in Wexford, PA and is renowned for providing quality periodontal care with a personal and caring touch. Dr. James R. Werkmeister takes the time to address your individual needs, as well as, making sure that you are comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Werkmeister and his team always have your best interests at heart and will be sure that your periodontal problem is properly treated.

“It can be easy to ignore gum disease since there are often few symptoms. Delaying treatment will certainly exacerbate the problem as the condition will become more severe, involve more teeth, and require more treatment”, continues Dr. Werkmeister, “also, because many periodontal conditions present with few symptoms, education is an important part of the treatment process and the patient must take an active role in their treatment.

“Like all of medicine, periodontal treatments have continued to advance. For example, people with gum recession no longer need to worry about having tissue taken from the roof of their mouth. Gingival allografts have replaced the older gum grafting techniques. Allografts do not require harvest of donor tissue from the palate and are not painful at all.”

To learn more about how to save your teeth and treat your gums from receding or disease, visit Dr. Werkmeister’s website at www.werkmeisterperio.com or call 724-933-0070 to schedule an appointment to meet Dr.Werkmeister and his team, who will treat you with respect and a caring touch.