Jackie Sorrenti

By Paula Green

         When it comes to women’s golf, Jackie Sorrenti is the lady who is up to par on the latest fashions and the newest trends.  Sorrenti is the founder and owner of Gals on and off the Green on McKnight Road, at the entrance of the Ross Park Mall.  This unique women’s golf clothing store tailors to all types of women.  The clothing line is designed for ladies of all shapes and sizes, ranging from size zero through size 22.

          In addition to her retail store, Sorrenti also helps women golfers with educational opportunities through her annual GALS (Growing, Achieving, Learning, and Succeeding) Scholarship.  This National Charitable Foundation was founded in 2013, and its purpose is to positively impact the lives of women who are active in golf.  The organization provides scholarship opportunities to applicants seeking education and to improve their life skills.  So far, they have awarded 23 national scholarships.  They are currently seeking qualified applicants for this year.  “While we are proud of our work to date, we remain humble and know that there is much work to do,” said Sorrenti.

        The GALS scholarship is open to women of all ages.  To qualify, female applicants need to be active in golf, not just play, but coach, caddie, or volunteer in golf.  Candidates are selected on the basis of excellence in character, achievement, financial need, and involvement in the sport of golf. 

        Scholarships will be issued in amounts of $2,500 annually depending on the type of education the applicant chooses – professional licensing, trade school, or college.  Candidates must apply (or reapply) each year they are continuing their education. Scholarship winners will be announced at the annual Gals on and off the Green Charity Golf Outing (early October.)  The GALS application deadline is Thursday, August 1.  To learn more, apply at www.galsfoundation.org.