How to wear white jeans with style

White jeansBy: Kelly Smith

     While some of us are preoccupied with the back to school frenzy, I however, am still relishing all of the perks of summer.  On that note, let’s talk about the right way to wear white jeans.  How to pull off the look isn’t as hard as it seems.  Just about any body type can wear white denim providing you adhere to a style that best suits your shape.  The key to looking stylish is to keep it classy, not trashy.  Denim is largely perceived as casual, whereas, a crisp white pair of dress trousers touts sophistication.  The easiest way to juxtapose the two is by keeping it simple, in other words, think to yourself: ‘less is more’.  To ensure you’re in style, here are some do’s and don’ts of rocking white denim!


  • Buying the proper size!  Incorrect size may fly with darker denim but we all know that white can be unforgiving.  Every imperfection will show, so make sure you get the right fit.
  • Wearing ankle length.  Capri’s will not give you the same dressy feel. 
  • Pairing with a flowy tunic or a knit top with an empire waist.  For an evening out, try a sexy halter. Also, anything nautical including the standard navy, as well as, black and white, coral, or any bright color of summer will be a hit.
  • Pairing with the right shoes: strappy sandals, wedges, and even pumps work well, but as a rule of thumb, think flats for days and heels for evenings.  Open-toed works best for both heel types.
  • Accessorizing!  It’s all about the accessories that add a punch of color or a bold statement to such an understated color.  You can’t go wrong with metallics like silver or gold but don’t shy away from adding some color, for example, a cute scarf, belt or a statement piece of jewelry. Just remember, moderation is the key to keeping it classy!


  • Falling victim to VPL- that’s visible panty lines for all you offenders out there and it can wreak havoc on any pair of white bottoms.  You don’t need to wear a thong as there are so many styles now that have a seamless leg.  In fact, I think most women would prefer the extra support that a cute pair of undies can offer.  And please, always go with a nude color, in fact, it is the ONLY acceptable color as even white tends to stand out.
  • Wearing a midriff top: this look was only okay when you were under 20, so keep it sleek and sophisticated by wearing a top that covers your mid-section.
  • Wearing layers: this will just take away from the carefree look that you’re trying to pull-off.  Layers include vests, large scarves, or anything with a very busy print. It is still summer after all so keep the bulk to a minimum. If you are intent on wearing a scarf, try using one as a belt or use a hair scarf, if you crave some extra color/texture.
  • Pairing with fall colors.  Stay away from jewel tones or rich earthy colors since you’ll be wearing them soon enough.  If you prefer earthy tones, then try beige or yellow.

     Now that you know the dos and don’ts of wearing your white jeans, you may be asking yourself how to care for them?  Well, the first thing to know is that if you wear white, chances are, they will get stained with something.  I recommend carrying a “shout stain stick” or “shout wipes” for stain removal on the go.  As far as washing, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions but most stains can be easily tackled in the washing machine on a normal cycle.  Rather than using bleach, which can yellow some fabrics, try any brand of detergent made specifically for whites. 

     Even though school shopping is on the back of our minds, we still have a good six weeks of warm weather to enjoy; so, make the most of it and get out there and wear your white denim in style! 

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