How Do You Know Whom to Trust?


We teach children never to trust a stranger but as adults we are put into so many situations where we must trust people that we barely know. We have to trust people with our homes, our cars, our children, our elderly, our health, our finances and so much more. I try to give people the “benefit of the doubt” and not be suspicious of everyone but in the past, I have been burned and burned badly. Since then, I temper my naïve nature with getting lots of references and reading lots of reviews. Yet, I still get the occasional singe by trusting someone I shouldn’t have because they came recommended.

According to studies at Cornell University, people lie less online than in other media. Specifically, that people are more honest in email than they are in person. The researchers reason that it is because the written word leaves a paper trail that can re-manifest itself at any time; whereas, verbal conversations just float away on the air.

Still, it always staggers me when I catch someone lying, cheating, stealing, betraying because they always have a justification, feel entitled, and believe they are going to go to heaven despite their actions. Something, I have never been able to figure out.

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