The Hot, New Gadgets for Gifts


By Marianne Reid Anderson

The holidays are just around the corner and the stores are already decorated for the big buying season. Here’s a list of the top techy gadgets that are on everyone’s wish list. These gifts that are hot, hot, hot. The key is to shop early or pre-order online because many of these items are already flying off the shelves.
Xbox One® – the new ultimate gaming device by Microsoft is scheduled to start shipping the first week of December. The only way to ensure that you’ll get one is to pre-order. However, many retailers are already posting that their allotment is already spoken for, but as of the printing of this article, there were still consoles available on and The big thing to note with this item is that any game from a previous version of Xbox or Xbox 360 will NOT work on the Xbox One so if you know someone who is receiving one from another member of the family, you can save Christmas by buying a few extra Xbox One games so that they can truly enjoy their new system.
Nintendo 3DS® – if you can’t get an Xbox One, then you might want to get the new Nintendo 3DS. It is a smaller, handheld gaming device ideal for gamers of all ages and perfect for car or bus trips, while waiting in line or any time you want to do a little “game snacking” to clear your mind, take a break or pass time. You want to be sure and buy 3DS games for this device to take full advantage of the new graphics capabilities.
Kindle® Paperwhite – the newest reader by Amazon is breathtakingly awesome. The best features of any Kindle reader are the easy-on-the-eyes interface, the ability to increase the font and the amazing selection of titles at incredibly reduced prices and the new generation Kindle Paperwhite takes it all to the next level for readability – a must for any avid reader on your list.
GoPro® Camera – If the person on your list already has skateboards, roller blades, and mountain bike, then you might want to get him or her the new GoPro® Camera. This camera enables the user to strap the camera to his head or helmet and take first person video of the experience, so whether he or she is riding their bike or a roller coaster, they can film exactly what they are experiencing. This new action cam has new stabilizers and lots of accessories for the action-minded, the only thing is that the battery life is not very long so you want to be sure and buy 1-2 extra batteries to go with the camera.
Bluetooth® Headset – If you know someone who likes to bop around the house to their favorite tunes on their iPod® or iPhone® Touch, you might want to get him or her a Bluetooth® Headset. It is wireless and so they will be unencumbered by wires and have more freedom of movement. You might also consider a docking station with speakers that both charge the battery and act as a stereo.
Kindle® Fire – It is advertised as the “perfect family tablet” and it really is. Perfect for any age and anyone on your list, this tablet is considerably more cost-friendly and durable with just as many games, apps and features as its more expensive competitors.
Microsoft® Surface® Pro 2 with Pen – if you or someone on your list is considering a new computer for Christmas, consider the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 with Pen. It is technically considered a “Tablet-PC”. In addition to the typical apps, games, music, videos and internet access to consume media as found with all tablets but it is also a PC with full Microsoft Office and other applications so you can also create documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel workbooks and much more just like with a typical PC and the Pen technology, enables you to take advantage of the cool “inking” features available within the Microsoft Office family of applications.
If you want to shop online, be sure to sign-up for Amazon® Prime because it will entitle you to FREE shipping on many items.

Happy Shopping!