5 Quick Holiday Makeup Tips in Minutes

northern connection magazine holiday make up tips

By Kelly Smith

Here comes the holidays-again!  It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is just around the corner and it won’t be long until we’re in full Christmas mode!  For most of us, this is an 8-week marathon of shopping, cooking, decorating and celebrating.  Between the hustle and bustle, it’s very easy to just put our beauty needs aside and go into super woman mode without even realizing it.  Don’t let yourself fall victim to settling for the practicality of a plain face.  Now, I’m not suggesting that we spend every hour of every day on hair and make-up.  None of us want to look or feel like a model with an indefinite “on call” photo shoot (well, maybe some of us wouldn’t mind!).  There are lots of quick and practical ways that we can improve our appearance in an instant!  It really does only take just about 5 minutes for most of these quick cosmetic tricks to put the final touches on our faces!  So, if you have a few minutes to get ready before you start your day, maximize those minutes to step out looking fresh and beautiful!

Flawless face— to get an even looking complexion, dab a bit of foundation (your choice) on the “T” zone area which is your forehead, nose, chin and cheeks.  Blend quickly, then seal it in with a good quick once-over of powder over your entire face.  Any powder will work, whether you use a puff or a brush, as long as you have good coverage.

Highlight and contour—Faking a flush isn’t easy but making flushed cheeks is!  Swirl a bit of either highlight or bronzer (depending on your preference) using the number “3” technique.  The trick is to basically use a brush with your color starting at your temple and bringing it into your cheekbone, stopping just before your nose and then swiping down to the bottom of your chin, basically “drawing” a number three on the outside edge of your face.  This is creating contour and will make your face appear slimmer.  Finish the apples of your cheeks with your favorite blush.  A universally flattering color is anything with the hues of peach or berry.

The Eyes have it!—your eyes are the first thing people notice so make sure they stand out!  To make eyes really pop if you’re short on time, always lube up those lashes with a good thickening/ lengthening mascara.  If you don’t have time for traditional shadows or smokey eyes, then at least line the upper lid as close to the lash line as possible and use a white liner on the lower inner lid. This will add depth and make your eyes look open and bright.

Pucker up! — Swipe your lips with a dash of color as it only take seconds!  You don’t need to spend time picking through colors- just grab the closest nude hue that you have on hand.  Any shade of neutral instantly makes everyone look more natural and that by itself creates a more youthful look.

Brow line perfection—having a good shape to your brows is the first step to a flawless face.  But there are some no-no’s in the brow department that can hinder your whole look.  Too thin of brows will make you look older.  Too high or too extreme of an arch will give you the “surprised” look.  The perfect brow should be your own with a bit of a cleanup of stray hairs.  Always follow your own lash line and if you find that your brows are thinning a bit, then fill in using a brow liner but don’t go overboard.

This holiday season is sure to be a busy one but now you have some reassurance that you can take just a few minutes each day to look your best even if your schedule says otherwise.  And who knows, you just may get noticed enough to make you feel like you really are waiting for your call on that photo shoot!  Happy Thanksgiving to all of you lovely ladies out there!