Heartland Payments Aids Entrepreneurs

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost every aspect of life has had to adapt including business. Heartland Payments, a direct credit card processer to Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover, can help businesses during COVID-19 make seamless, secure and touchfree purchases. It can also include a transition from everything in-store to adding an online or mobile platform.

“The curbside pickup, online ordering and overall e-commerce has increased dramatically with the pandemic,” said Ty Franklin, Relationship Manager for Heartland. “We have ways for retail, restauTyler Franklin rants, service professionals and others to collect payments online or by mobile in addition to what is in their facility,” said Ty, who is a Penn State grad, and became associated with Heartland because he 412-737-0802 tylerfranklin@heartland.us was given an opportunity to start his own business, eventually own his portfolio and build a personal brand through Heartland’s business solutions. “One area in particular would be helping businesses who are cash only or do not offer online ordering. Our Heartland Guest phone app comes with online ordering and is helping customers adapt to this pandemic with our technology,” Ty said.

In addition to helping customers accept payments in-store, online, on the go (mobile) and via gift cards through Heartland’s different point of sale methods, Heartland also specializes in HR/Payroll, Customer Engagement and Lending options for businesses. “Our motto is ‘Entrepreneurs Respectfully Serving Entrepreneurs,’” said Ty, who takes a different approach to business.

“I believe kindness is the answer—in business and in life. So many reps are worried about their paychecks, as opposed to building a nice long-lasting relationship with business owners and bringing value to their business,” said Ty. “I think having a personal approach that is all about the customer and how I can help them sets me apart from others.”

For more information on how Ty and Heartland Payments can help your business, visit the website at: https://www.heartlandpaymentsystems.com or call: 412-737-0802 or email Ty at: tyler.franklin@heartland.us