Having the Talk

It may feel a bit awkward or intimidating, but the benefits of having The Talk with a friend or loved one far outweigh the “icky” factor. Opening a conversation about how medical marijuana treatment can be beneficial for a friend or loved one is often the first step for treating a medical condition and providing relief. Solevo Wellness knows that having The Talk can be challenging and can help you help someone get medical marijuana treatment for their medical condition. Solevo Wellness offers a downloadable Guide for Starting The Talk About Medical Marijuana Treatment, which can answer common questions such as:

Do I have a qualifying medical condition?

What symptoms can medical marijuana potentially alleviate?

Does insurance cover the cost of medical marijuana?

Can medical marijuana negatively interact with other medications?

Do I have to inhale medical marijuana?

Solevo Wellness is also available to provide additional information or answer any further questions, The Talk inspires.

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