Gettysburg is a Great Getaway 

         When folks hear the word “Gettysburg,” they usually think of the Civil War.  It’s no wonder since this small Pennsylvania town was the location of the fiercest battles of the American Civil War.  When you tour the town, you will visit the famous battlefields of Gettysburg National Cemetery.  You also relive history when you stand on the spot where President Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous address. 

      “Gettysburg is a destination that really engages visitors; it brings them up-close to where history happened.  Tours and museums don’t just show military maneuvers – they share the stories of people, the people that changed the course of America in three days of battle and an aftermath that eventually brought President Abraham Lincoln to town. Gettysburg is a place to learn, but it’s also a place to reflect. It’s a place to really let history soak in,” said Carl Whitehill, director of communications for Destination Gettysburg. 

        Besides Lincoln, another former U.S. president had ties to the region.  After President Dwight Eisenhower retired, he made Gettysburg his home.  You can visit his house which is complete with its own putting green.   

         As rich as Gettysburg is with history it is equally appealing with its small town charm.  The community is nestled in Adams County and sits in the heart of the Pennsylvania Fruit Belt.  Gettysburg markets farm fresh produce and vegetables; they are famously known for their delicious apples.  In the springtime, the landscape is covered with apple blossoms that blanket the countryside.  In late summer, the orchards are brimming with ripe fruit that is picked fresh and delivered to one of the region’s 25+ farmer’s markets. 

       Wineries, cideries, breweries and distilleries are popular attractions.  You can also discover the culinary side of Gettysburg as well.  Visitors can also partake in one of the area’s entertaining cultural attractions.  The town even offers Ghost Tours. 

       There is always something to do in Gettysburg!  Mark these exciting events on your calendar – Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival, Memorial Day Parade (May); PA Cider Fest (June); Reenactment: The Battle of Gettysburg (July 1-3); Nineteenth Century Baseball Festival (July); Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival, Gettysburg Brew Fest (August); Gettysburg Wine & Music Festival, World War II Weekend (September); Apple Harvest Festival (October); Remembrance Day Parade, Dedication Day (November); and Holiday in Gettysburg (December). 

        “Gettysburg has such a legacy as one of America’s most iconic historic destinations. For decades, visitors from around the world want to step foot on the ground where the future of America was changed forever. Visiting Gettysburg gives people a sense of place to such an epic event and a symbol of recovery and reunification,” said Whitehill.  

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By Paula Green