Gabby Mayer Hosts – Bowling for a Cause

Gabby Mayer

Gabby Mayer

By Mike Doerfler

To most, an afternoon of bowling may seem like a good time with friends and family, but for Seneca Valley Senior High School senior Gabby Mayer of Cranberry Twp., bowling means much more.  As part of her senior project, Gabby recently held a bowl-a-thon at the Family Bowlaway Fun Center in Butler to benefit children with autism, and physical and mental disabilities.

Autism is a cause that Gabby has a personal connection with since she has two younger siblings who have it.  Gabby has always had a desire to help children with special needs.  In the past she’s volunteered at the Miracle League Field in Cranberry Twp.  When it was time to choose a topic for her senior project, she decided to help special needs children, particularly those with autism.

Gabby began her cause by sponsoring a homerun derby at the Miracle League Field on Oct. 17, which raised $200 towards autism programs.  Next, Gabby organized the bowl-a-thon to benefit autism.  She also held a 50-50 raffle, Chinese auction and bake sale for the “A Night to Remember” event for the special needs kids.

Gabby admits she encountered several bumps in the road as she planned her fundraiser.  However, she said her project taught her a lot about holding a successful event “Now I know better what to do and what not to do the next time,” she said.

Her bowl-a-thon was held on Nov. 16, and was an absolute success!  She managed to raise $362 combined from her 50-50 raffle, Chinese auction and bake sale.  After factoring in the bowl-a-thon, along with the homerun derby, her grand fundraising total raised was $2,002!  Eighty participants took part in Gabby’s bowling event; more donations are forthcoming, which will increase her charitable efforts.  The funds will pay for hairstyles, makeup, dresses, tuxedos and limos for the special children and teenagers who will be a part of “A Night to Remember.”

Gabby hopes to inspire others to “dig deep” and do something that is near and dear to their heart.  She said, “No matter what the cause may be, just do something that ‘hits home’ with you.”

Gabby notes that organization is the key to holding a successful fundraiser, and don’t be afraid to ask others for help, feel a sense of happiness that you’re giving back to a cause you care about. “All the stress and hard work you endure through the whole process is so rewarding, and that’s what counts the most!”