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Fresh Healthy Vending is dedicated to inspiring all of us to make healthy snack choices. That very important choice can only be made when healthy choices are available. With that in mind, Fresh Healthy Vending provides communities with vending machines stocked with only healthy, delicious and natural foods.  For example, Fresh Healthy Vending is aligning with many schools which are now required to operate within the new, strict Smart Snacks In School regulations.  Additionally, Fresh Healthy Vending is partnering with many types of facilities which value a healthy snack alternative including community centers, YMCAs, youth athletic facilities and corporate locations.

Fresh_Combo image“Traditional vending machines only offer access to high-calorie, sugary snacks and beverages,” explains Will Cooper owner of Three Rivers Healthy Vending LLC, the Wexford based Fresh Healthy Vending franchise. “We are excited to empower people to make healthy choices by giving them convenient access to the type of food and beverages they want or need for a healthier lifestyle.”  Fresh Healthy Vending machines are state of the art and, in addition to cash, accept credit card and wireless smart phone payments for accessibility.

Best of all, hosting a Fresh Healthy Vending machine is incredibly easy. There is no cost or maintenance required on the part of a facility.  “We meticulously maintain the machines and make sure they are routinely stocked with healthy and appealing snacks and drinks,” says Cooper. Fresh Healthy Vending provides profit-sharing as well, which can help fund wellness programs and other initiatives or programs.

If you would like a healthier vending option in your facility, business or school, simply contact Three Rivers Healthy Vending to explore a Fresh Healthy Vending partnership.

Inspire your members, customers, employees and students to make a healthier snack choice!

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