Four No-Sweat Summer Accessory Must-Haves 

     Summer is finally here, and the weather is just perfect for flowy dresses, short skirts and cute, billowy blouses.  With less clothing to layer, our overall look can fall a bit flat.  That’s where the right accessories can wake up a tired looking summer ensemble and spring (or “summer”) it to life!  While on the lookout for your summer must-have accessories, keep in mind to look for items that will offer both form and function, providing you with sun protection as well as adding style.  Read on to finding just the right accessories to splash onto your summer style. 

Hello, Hats— If you’re one of those people that feel a hat is only appropriate on a beach or in a ball stand, think again. Hats have always been a smart summer staple; you just have to have the right know-how to be able to style it up. Any type of a floppy hat can be pulled off by anyone this time of year.  A big brim, small brim or even a cute straw hat with embellishments will do. Look for added style by picking out a topper adorned with ribbons, buttons or gems. Some other stylish but practical hats that can really glam up a summer frock include baker boys and berets. Nothing beats a trendy beret. This classic hat comes in many fabrics and colors to please even the pickiest of the bunch.  

Beach Bags, Street Bags There is a difference!  When heading to your favorite spot on the beach or even lounging poolside, be sure to grab a bag that reflects your style.  Forgo your everyday purse when lounging by subbing in a sleek straw or canvas bag with a big opening. You’ll need lots of room to store all those beach towels, sunscreen and water bottles.  For daywear, don’t underestimate the power of an updated version of the dreaded “granny-fanny pack”- the belt bag!  It really is just a very stylish and updated way to carry everything you need for a busy day out and about.  These are much different than a cross-body bag, and they offer practicality with a twist.  Some serve as an actual belt with the bag integrated while others are faux belts but look the part.  Either way, a belt bag is the new go-to for carefree, hands-free summer style.  

The Ears Have It! – While multiple piercings are on trend, especially for summer, don’t forget the statement earrings!  Long and lean, classy and sassy all rolled into one- when it comes to this summer trend, go big or go home. Dial up the drama and stand out in the crowd with a daring pair of tassels and beads. Bold colors and crystals will look cool when it heats up. Flower power will prevail with gemstones in everything from daisies to lilies so do stock up. 

Shoe Show-  I don’t have to twist any girl’s arm to assure her that when summer comes calling, so does the desire for new shoes.  The basic summer sandal is a staple in all of our wardrobes, but if you want to really kick it up a notch, then why not try at least one summer heel that doesn’t really feel like a traditional heel?  I’m talking about the platform.  Yes, they are most certainly on point again, but with a much more modern vibe. Swap out your old flip-flops or low kitten heel for this modern-day kick.  Forget a stiletto and instead, try out a fun and fashionable pair of wedges.  You can dress them up or down with your favorite dress or even pair them up with a denim skirt and blouse.  Either way, you’ll look stylish, yet stay comfortable. And you’ll even add that much desired height that keeps us looking long and lean. 

     Accessories are a notorious way to play up your summer style without running up those credit cards.  Many stores start marking down the summer goods in the month of July to begin making room for the fall inventory, so do take full advantage of this.  Inventory is still aplenty but won’t be come August, so to get the best colors and styles, don’t wait.  Stay cool and stay stylish!