Four Fast Face Fixes to Start the New Year

     The holidays have come and gone, and all those late-night “drink and eat till you drop” festivities have left you with not only a few extra pounds but also more than likely, a less-than-festive face.  If you’ve indulged in the season’s sugar-laden cookies and cocktails (Come on, you know you did!) and you have the telltale signs that include dark under-eye circles, puffy cheeks, bleary eyes and a not-so-perfect complexion, keep reading.  If you want to ring in the New Year with a fresh face, then you’ll need to do a full-face detox.  It’s easy enough to do right from your own home as long as you have a little know-how.  Read on and get your face freshened up fast!

1-Clean up Your Act– Always washing your face with the right products is the best thing you can do for your skin. It’s the first step in starting with a clean slate. Cosmetic makers have been ramping up their products staying power, so ensuring that that entire product is removed is going to go a long way in your facial detox. Foaming face washes are gentle, yet effective because they provide much-needed aeration.  Face wipes, in my opinion, are more effective for maintenance cleansing, so do lather up with a good liquid or foaming face wash.

2-Fun With Exfoliation– If you want your skin soft and supple, you’ll need to brush up on your exfoliation skills.  As we age, our skin cell production slows down, leaving all those dead cells just piling up on top of one another.  This is what causes that dreadful dull, dry skin, so you need to give your face a little help to maintain that healthy glow. The best way to do this is to give your skin that extra little scrub.  What type of product you use depends on your own skin’s sensitivity.  The key to a flawless exfoliation session is finding the right tool.  Whether you choose a brush or face loofah, just know that it’s really about having a gentle-to-the-touch technique.  

3-Steam Clean– The power of steam is truly underrated.  Steam cleansing has been around for ages and has wonderful health benefits, not to mention it’s the simplest method of cleansing.  Steaming is a fast fix because it opens your pores pushing out dirt, debris and toxins. It is a safe method for cleaning sensitive skin that is prone to infections from conditions such as eczema or acne. Another benefit of a steam bath is that is allows moisture to penetrate through freshly cleaned and open pores, leaving you with supple, shiny skin!

4-Mask It—Treating your face to a day at the spa is another easy-to-do-at-home fast fix.  Indulge in a fruit laden face mask for a fresh pick me up or focus on unclogging your pores by slathering on a charcoal mask that will leave your face clear and glowing.  If you want to focus more on a moisture mask, do choose one with clay as this will leave even the most dehydrated skin moisture rich.

    Our skin (and bodies) has been through the holiday wringer with all the late nights and festive foods, so with 2018 in the rearview and a new year in front of us, a fresh face is always an easy New Year’s resolution.  It requires little to no effort and can encourage us to start 2019 off on the right foot, or should I say, face?  Happy New Year to all!

By Kelly Smith