Fix A Flaw

By: Kelly Smith

     Maybe you’re not strutting down a red carpet in Hollywood, waving to all, amidst the flashing lights of the paparazzi, gold statuette clenched in hands, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look the part.  Red-carpet perfection is not out of reach for us non-celebrities if you know what to use and how to use it.  There are endless, simple tricks that the experts use to keep their famous clients looking camera ready.  Why not use some of that star power for yourself?  Let’s take a look at some easy tricks to try at home that will be sure to glam you up in no time!


  • For puffy eyes, freeze raw potato slices and leave on eyes for 15 minutes.  This reduces puffiness and the potassium removes dark circles
  • Want full lips without the injections?  Mix some cinnamon in with Vaseline and apply to bare lips then finish with your usual shade
  • No time for a shampoo? No problem- just dip an oversized blush brush into baby powder and massage into roots and scalp and style as usual.  Your tresses and others will never be the wiser!
  • To rid your hair of flyaways on a dry day, use hairspray all over and then roll the can overtop in sections.  Your hair will be smooth and sleek.
  • Use Visene over blemishes to remove redness.  Also, dabbing toothpaste on a zit before bedtime will reduce inflammation.
  • Get glowing skin without the grease.  Apply a very small amount of baby oil in the palms of your hands and apply all over legs, arms and neck area to get a dewy glow, not a greasy mess.
  • Want luscious lashes without falsies?  Blast your eyelash curler for a few seconds with your blow dryer and watch your lashes transform to instant “real falsies”.  Apply a dark mascara to finish the look.
  • If you need to brighten your smile in a hurry, try smashing strawberries in with baking soda and brush for a few minutes.  The acid in the strawberries acts like a natural bleaching agent.
  • Did you know that oily skin holds fragrance better than dry skin?  To make your perfume have staying power, add just a dab of Vaseline to your pulse points.
  • After conditioning your hair, always use cold water for your final rinse.  This will seal the hair shaft promoting a natural shine.
  • Want a custom color of pink lipstick?  Pinch your fingertip and look for a shade that matches your hue.
  • Keep brows perfectly shaped and neatly groomed.  Well defined brows can make or break your facial features.
  • Need a quick facial exfoliation?  Grab a small handful of oatmeal and add in with a foaming facial cleanser.
  • Having a bad hair day?  Try a “pouffy” ponytail- that is a pony tail with a pouf or bump.  To get the look grab the hair at the crown, pull forward and tease while adding hairspray then secure with a rubber band.  Pull all remaining hair into another band and spray all over.  To make your pony tail portion look longer, run a flat iron through to the ends.

We’ve all had our share of makeup mishaps, and we all want to look our best.  Try some of Hollywood’s best-kept beauty secrets and quick fixes and you too, will be red- carpet ready.  But please, leave the little gold statuette at home!