Jackie Sorrenti

By Paula Green          When it comes to women’s golf, Jackie Sorrenti is the lady who is up to par on the latest fashions and the newest trends.  Sorrenti is the founder and owner of Gals on and off the Green on McKnight Road, at the entrance of the Ross Park Mall.  This unique women’s […]

The Fourth of July: American Independence… and France? 

By Weston Waite  We, as Americans, all (hopefully) know what The Fourth of July is all about: The struggle for American liberty and freedom, the rebellion against a tyrannical British empire,and the celebration of America as a whole, a country where we are truly free, with guaranteed rights and privileges. We’ve learned it in our history and government classes, but […]

Having the Talk

It may feel a bit awkward or intimidating, but the benefits of having The Talk with a friend or loved one far outweigh the “icky” factor. Opening a conversation about how medical marijuana treatment can be beneficial for a friend or loved one is often the first step for treating a medical condition and providing […]

Business Spotlight: SSB Bank

By Janice Lane Palko  SSB Bank, member of FDIC, has been around since 1922-almost a century! In this rapidly changing world, that is a remarkable feat, but Jessica Merolillo, Director of Marketing, believes that SSB Bank’s longstanding reputation isn’t just based on luck. Its continued evolution as a business has shown customers, new and old, that they are not only committed to providing the most up-to-date services and products, but that they remain consistent to their values–putting customers […]

2019 Summer Camp Guide

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21st Annual Doctors & Health Care Professionals Guide

The July issue of Northern Connection Magazine will feature our 2019 Doctors & Health Care Professionals Guide! This guide gives the area health care professionals a chance to inform our readers about what you offer and more about you and your practice! Make sure to reserve your space today!  The 2019 Doctors & Health Care […]

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Genesis Medical Associates

We have reached the end of a very bumpy road for those waiting out the Highmark vs. UPMC health care dispute. In June of 2019, the state-legislated consent decree between the two Pittsburgh health care giants expired.  However, at the 11th hour, the state attorney general’s office brokered a new deal between the two healthcare […]

Allegent Community Federal Credit Union—Everything You Need and More!

For most people, if you have a stake in something, you tend to care more for that thing and work to make it successful. That holds true for financial institutions as well and is the primary difference between a bank and a credit union. Like banks, credit unions are financial institutions, but unlike them, it […]

Dr. Bridget Chufo

Dr. Bridget Chufo has been coined the “Wise Woman of Weight Loss” for several reasons.  She is one of the few people in the country who actually studied and researched weight loss and obesity from the acclaimed New York and Duke Universities.  Since 1980, she has helped millions of people throughout the world lose weight and get a handle […]