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How to Pick the Right Paint Color for Your Home With Colorize of Pittsburgh
Benjamin Moore: Colorize of Pittsburgh
Paint Like No Other! 

Now in the Pittsburgh market, Benjamin Moore Colorize of Pittsburgh is here to help you decide the right color for you home. Adding to or changing the color of a room is an easy and cost-effective way to transform the space. However, making the right selection requires a bit more than choosing a name you like. Start off by considering the mood or atmosphere you want to accomplish in the room. Quiet and cozy? Warm and fun? Bold and dramatic? Next consider the furniture, flooring and other features that are already in the space. Think about whether you want the paint to provide a backdrop for those features or a bold counterpoint. Once you have selected a few colors that might achieve the look you want, assess them in the room to see how different the hues work together. And, most importantly, always be sure to test your color choices using color samples in the actual space to ensure you are delighted with the appearance throughout the day and night.

Stop by your local Colorize Store in Wexford, Cranberry or Robinson and meet with the Color Experts themselves!

Pittsburgh Doors and Closets
Pittsburgh Doors and Closets is Western Pennsylvania’s local dealer for One Day Doors & Closets. One Day Doors and Closets is the nation’s largest home interior door installation company. With two state-of-the-art production facilities, the company has been featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition and is rated Best Value Home Improvement by Good Housekeeping Magazine. We replace interior doors and closets in One Day! Located in Wexford, Pittsburgh Doors and Closets updates the look of an entire home by replacing all of the interior closets and doors in a home quickly, easily and affordably. With our revolutionary measuring technology, we provide the only home improvement that updates the look of an entire home, can be completed in a few hours with no messy construction and be affordable. We can replace all of the doors in a home in less than one day because we arrive with custom-fitting and painted doors. We use 3D Digital Measuring with proprietary measurement technology that accurately measures the door jambs to within 1/1000 of an inch. These measurements are sent to a robotic door cutting machine that cuts the doors to the exact specification for each door opening measured.

For more information, call Scott Satkoske 412-417-5296 or visit www.onedaypittsburgh.com

Chestnut Grove
Chestnut Grove is an over 55 condominium community. Our standard unit which offers 1,600 sq. ft. living space is designed as a 2 bedroom, 2 bath with a bonus sunroom included. The optional 3 bedroom, 3 bath gives you an additional 400 sq. ft. on the second floor. All the condominiums are all brick, and all have a 2car garage. 
If you are over 55 and have not taken the time to explore condominium living, Chestnut Grove is the pace you should visit. Why wait for something to happen to one of your loved ones. Enjoy this time in your life with maintenancefree living. We are nestled in Butler County with low county, township and school taxes. Chestnut Grove is 2 miles from major shopping and entertainment. Plus, we are only 5 miles from scenic Moraine State Park. 
Chestnut Grove offers daily tours between 12 and 3, but private tours with detailed information can be achieved with a call for a morning tour (724290-9396.We can also arrange for a free market analysis on your current home. Don’t delay; call us today. You deserve this easy living at this time in your life. 

Western PA Roof Cleaning, LLC
Homeowners ask: What are those black and green streaks and blotches all over my roof, siding and concrete? Our area has been overcome with airborne algae.  These algae will quickly cover your roof, siding, walkways and walls.  As the colonies expand, they quickly become visible as streaks and blotches.  They make the roof look dirty and old, covering up the beauty and damaging your roof material.  They make your siding look slimy green or dark and dirty.  Your concrete and stone will look dark gray, dingy and lose its natural coloration and beauty, causing your walkways to be slippery when wet.  These algae also promote the growth of other more damaging organisms like lichens and mosses. There is a solution for this condition.  Western PA Roof Cleaning, LLC specializes in treating and cleaning most types of roofing material including asphalt, slate, wood and tile.  Siding material can include vinyl, aluminum, brick and painted wood.  All natural stones, slate, concrete and blocks can be rid of this ugly and damaging growth as well.  We are fully insured. Our courteous technicians are fully trained and very thorough.  We hope you will join our thousands of satisfied customers soon.

For more information, contact us at: WPARC.NET or (724) 538-0163.

Rustic Woods
Rustic Woods Amish Made Furniture and Gift Shoppe offers authentic Amish made furniture. Located in
the charming town of Jenners, in Somerset County, Rustic Woods furniture is crafted from Barnwood, Hardwood, or Hickory. Each piece is one-of-a kind and is created by our elite craftsmen, who focus on detail and making quality furniture. Rustic Woods has two showroom floors filled with furniture,
displaying the quality of each type of furniture.
We also have catalogs from which you can choose other styles/designs. If you don’t see what you want, we can have it crafted just as you want it – with your measurements and choice of wood and stain. At Rustic Woods, we also have a great selection of home décor and gifts including rugs, table mats, throws and bedding to lamps and dinnerware. We also carry one-of-a-kind pottery pieces and artwork from local talent.
Rustic Woods offers free delivery within a 30-mile radius.
For more information, visit the website at: www.rusticwoodsllc.com and like us on Facebook! We are excited to celebrate our First Year Anniversary September 29th!!! This year has been such a success thanks to our many customers and patrons. And we are looking forward to continuing to assist customers choose the perfect furniture for their homes!