Fall head over heels for shoes


By Kelly Smith


With another new season comes another new excuse to snag up some of the best fall shoes!  Most of us probably still have all of the cute open-toed sandals and flip flops front and center in our closets but it won’t be long before the leaves start to fall and puts a chill in the air, forcing us to cover up and brave the cold.  That cold autumn air should not be faced without some style!  It’s perfectly fine to rotate some of your boots and shoes from prior seasons into your wardrobe provided that they were treated with respect.  I am talking about taking a shoe inventory and getting rid of any footwear that is noticeably scuffed or worn.   Wearing shoes that have obviously been down  the beaten path and beyond,  so to speak, just drags a good ensemble down, so try adding a few of falls’ top picks this season.  It will brighten your wardrobe as well as your spirits!  Check out some of falls’ best trends:

Boots—Boots are always on the menu for fall but this year there’s a few new trends to be checked out, namely ankle boots- with a twist.  In addition to the always in-style “military” or “hiking”, this year, heels are back.  Check out the bottle wedge, both in ankle and knee high, as well as shearling lined which offers up cozy and sexy in one style!  The knee boot is also always a constant in a fashionista’s wardrobe whether you choose the classic equestrian flat or a heel. Either way, both have you covered and cleared for fall.

Flats—sometimes your feet just need a break so be sure to “break out” these fun flats every now and then:  menswear category (think penny loafers), the still going-strong ballet flat, and the “smoking slipper.”  These are just what they sound like: a flat slip on reminiscent of the 50’s but with a modern vibe.  While I personally am not a big fan of these, they are quite trendy this fall, so if they fit into your wardrobe then go for it!

Heels—   If you like the look of the big chunky heels of the 70’s then you’re in luck!  Lots of round-toed pumps with big chunky heels and ankle straps will make their appearance this season.  Sling backs with the pointy tips are also a never ending style not to be ignored.  Wedge heels are a great substitute for the typical heels as they create the added height one desires from high heels while providing comfort.  Mules and clogs are another fun option that can style up a pair of jeans in a snap. Looking for a high heel with a boot vibe?  Try the “shootie”- it’s a cute high-heeled shoe that slips on and fits like a boot- a real fun trend right now!

Colors/prints and more— Some of the best prints in years are making a big comeback this season.  Keep an eye out for lots of animal print, specifically leopard.  Another print to add to your wardrobe is floral.  Yes, that’s correct.  Floral patterns in rich hues will be abundant in flats, heels and boots this year.  This is good news for all of us that love darker colors and solids as it will pack a much needed punch of color. Also front and center is color patterns in red and white, black and white and lots of cobalt blue.  Shoes will not fall flat on embellishments this year as designers have really upped the ante with a slew of buckles, straps and ties. The artistry of embellishments doesn’t end there!  Look for bows, flowers, spikes and studs.  Lace up shoes in heels will be prominent throughout the fall season in both heels and boots.

Boots and shoes are made for more than just walkin’- they’re also good for talkin’! Try adding a few new pairs of shoes to your wardrobe this season even if you only get one pair make sure they make a statement as great pair of shoes is always a great topic of conversation!