Fall Boot Trends – 5 Go-To Styles Fall is in full swing so ditch the flip flops

     Fall is in full swing so ditch the flip flops and banish them with the rest of your sandals to the back of your closet.  It’s time to welcome the new season with a fabulous new pair of boots.  This autumn brings countless styles, colors and price points.  Where do you start?  Whether you are buying for practicality or for more fun reasons such as having a penchant for fashion, everyone will find a perfect pair.  Here are five of the best go-to styles this year:

 Ankle boots

Casual and comfortable, this boot is perfectly paired with jeans which have become a wardrobe staple.  Wear your favorite flared jeans over them with a chunky heel to add style without the encumbrance of added bulk of a taller boot.  Look for fun flair such as buckles, zippers and studs on this versatile boot.

 Above the knee

Sleek and stylish screams this boot!  They looks best with a dress or skirt, making them wearable on chilly days.  Don’t feel like a dress?  Kick it up a notch and go casual chic by teaming up a tired tunic over a pair of leggings.  Don’t forget the accessories. 

Above-the-knee boots come in many styles and heel heights but one of the most popular seen this season are the equestrian or riding boot, which have a low heel making it perfect for a pair of skinny jeans and chunky sweater.

 Military style

 This style is anything but masculine.  Feminine and fragile-looking elements have been added to make this look work for just about anyone.  Buckles and straps adorned with patent leather and polished studs soften the look.  Heels vary from a chunky wedge to a sleek heel.  Looks great with tucked in jeans or leggings. 


 Color-blocking is a big trend with shoes this fall especially boots.  Try a color combination with some of fall’s hottest colors such as oxblood red, tan and black.  Black and blue combined with a metallic is also a hot trend this year.  Metallic consisting of silver, copper and gold will be seen paired with just about everything from jeans to dresses, but remember not to over accessorize when featuring a metallic.  A good rule of thumb is wear only one metallic piece at a time.  If your jewelry is metal, then opt for a solid boot.


Anything that laces up is always very feminine, and boots this year are no exception.  I find that these boots are either very dressy or very casual – there is really no in between with this look.  The dressier styles feature laces with finished ends in silver or gold tones and have varying heel heights to accommodate any style.  Tall lace-up boots look best with a blazer and knee length skirt.  If you are going for a more casual vibe, then try a distressed boot with a flat sole or a chunk heel.  Again, jeans pull this look off the best.

        Fall boots- they’re not just for kicks and definitely made for more than just walkin’!