A Fabulous Fall Wardrobe with Transitional Dressing


Fabulous Fall Wardrobe

By Kelly Smith

Autumn is upon us, but we’re not quite ready for full-fledged fall dressing. Yet it seems odd to walk out the door with a sleeveless dress even though the weather is still warm. What to do? Well, there is a way to easily transition from summer to fall and still be comfortable while looking fall fabulous!

Accessorize it
The best way to add a punch of fall color is with accessories. This season, there are lots of new colors that will still work with the neutral tones of summer. Adding the right accessories can completely revamp a tired summer wardrobe. Some hot must have’s this fall are oxblood red. This color will be seen everywhere from belts to handbags & shoes. Try adding this bold color to any neutral such as beige, cream, and even black. Scarves are also a big hit this fall and will be even into the winter months. Look for animal prints, bold stripes and lots of warm tones. Cashmere scarves are also a must-have.

Sweater savvy
What better way to welcome a crisp autumn morning than by throwing on a cozy sweater? Opt for short sleeve or dolman sleeves in an open cropped cardigan layered over a lightweight blouse. Cinch your waist with a belt in one of the bold colors and team it up with sleek trousers and you’re ready for fall! Transitional dressing is all about layering, and a good way to do this, fashionably of course, is with a sweater coat. It can be layered all over your summer favorites leaving you free to unlayer during the day and keep away the autumn chill at night. Lots of details will be seen this year like rosettes, embellishments and ruffles. Blanket stripes will also be a big hit in the sweater department as will vintage print, blue and black combos, and even fur sleeves.

Dress you up
Dresses make the perfect transitional piece because of the various hemlines. Choose a long style to avoid the dreaded hosiery on warm days teamed up with a sleek pair of knee boots. Sleeveless dresses can still be worn but do layer with a lightweight cardigan or pashmina.

Over the top
Instead of investing in a slew of short-sleeved blouses, why not “borrow” from your spring wardrobe? Spring tops that have feminine touches such as ruffles or lace, or even studded tanks make a perfect layering piece under blazers.

Bottoms up
There’s no need to break out the wool pants just yet when you have countless options to keep cool and still look polished. Cropped pants are popping up all over with dressy details such as cuffs and pleats. Worn just below the knee with a sleek ankle boot will make you stand out in style! Jeans will also be seen around this fall, but with a twist. Keep an eye out for snakeskin, paisley and floral prints. Rich jewel tones will also get equal treatment as their denim blue counterpart.

The transition from summer to fall is always beautiful in nature so make sure to have your fall wardrobe do the same!