Edu-tainment: Fun Ways to Learn with Technology

apple-ipad-mini-prBy: Marianne Reid Anderson 

With all the new technological gadgets and mobile electronic devices available such as SMART phones, tablets, laptop PCs, there has never been a better time to embrace a lifetime of learning. So long as you are connected through a wireless network also known as Wi-Fi, you have educators and lessons with you whenever and wherever you need them.

If you are a homeowner, you might want to start with YouTube. On, you can find both professionals and amateurs who have created videos that teach everything from software to soufflés, from do-it-yourself projects to learning how to ride a bike. If it can be done, there’s a demo of how to do it on YouTube.

However, if you are a professional in such industries as healthcare, architecture, engineering or education, you will need to earn continuing education credits from an accredited organization. You will find that these institutions of higher-education have also embraced delivering important information through creative content.

According to Dee Morgillo MEd., MT(ASCP) vice president of Inquisit, an accredited education organization for healthcare, “Studies definitively show that students of any age or background learn faster and retain more information when the material is presented in a more entertaining manner. The studies are so conclusive that it has created the new word of ‘Edu-tainment’ to describe classes that use creative content to involve and educate students.” Ms. Morgillo also writes a very entertaining blog designed to “DeeMystify” healthcare education. You can find the blog at or through the Inquisit website at .

If you are a parent, student or educator and you want to make learning more enjoyable in the classroom or at home, you may want to check out these fun and interesting web sites for content:


If you are a student and have a SMART Phone or tablet, the app store is filled with fun and inventive game-like apps designed to make learning fun. Specifically, you may want to download the following applications:

  • SpellingCity – a fun way to learn spelling and vocabulary words
  • iWorldQuiz Lite – learn the world map in minutes
  • Mythbusters App  – award- winning app – it’s $2.99 but worth every penny
  • Math vs Zombies – math is the weapon of choice against zombie attacks

The amazing thing is that these are only a few of the cool apps and websites available to make learning fun, interesting and edu-taining.

I hope these recommendations help you to seek out many other fun ways to learn. If you know of other edu-taining technology to recommend, please post to the Northern Connection magazine’s Facebook page or email me directly at

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