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Thanksgiving Northern ConnectionHow Do You Put the Fun in Dysfunctional?

By Marianne Reid Anderson

Do you ever feel like a wishbone during the holidays? People pulling and tugging at you from all sides until you think you are going to split right down the middle? I sure do. On the one hand, I’m so touched and honored that people want to spend time with me and (or) my husband; but on the other hand, making time for everyone and making sure that it is “fair,” I believe, can be one of the biggest stressors around the holidays. People making demands on your time and insisting that it’s because they love you the most, much more than those other people who are making demands on your time – is a strange phenomenon to be sure. The love vibes make you or your loved ones feel warm, cozy and, let’s face it, obligated. If you are like me, you hate letting loved ones down or disappointing any one, especially over the holidays and especially when all they want is to spend time with you, but there just isn’t enough hours in the day to possibly make everyone happy.

What do you do? Do you have any advice for those that are feeling like a wishbone and reaching the breaking point? For instance, have you established rules and boundaries? Do you switch-off years? Do you eat two dinners? A brunch and two dinners? What have you found that works for you and yours?

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