Dr. Chufo’s Weight Loss and Wellness Program


Losing weight is the second most popular subject discussed in casual social settings, with weather coming in first. What does this say about the interests that are shared by the majority of people in modern times? It says that we, as a society, are unhappy and are constantly searching for the ultimate weight loss cure.

Television and radio shows, documentaries, reality TV shows and constant “breaking news” of how to end the battle of the bulge consume almost every waking moment somewhere in today’s world via broadcast media. Yet, all we really know at this point in time is that however we choose to change our weights, it must be safe, simple and sustainable to have lasting results. This is exactly how Dr. Bridget Chufo has helped millions of individuals for the past 38 years make positive changes in their lifestyles to attain healthier bodies with corresponding weights.

As a Registered Nurse with a Ph.D. in Nursing Research in the study of weight loss and obesity, Dr. Chufo’s mission has always been to help others take control of what goes into their bodies, rather than the food and drink taking control of them. She has always believed that you must lose weight the same way you plan to keep it off. This is done by learning how to eat normal, everyday foods for your body as it ages. Since there is and will always be a child in all of us, Dr. Chufo strongly knows that accountability is imperative as we journey on this tumultuous ride. Having a partner to journey with is such an added component that she works one-on-one with every individual, seeing them on average once a week. Since she works with every type of individual, all ages and sizes, all health conditions, and people not living in the Wexford or even greater Pittsburgh area, she achieves success with them as long as they are able to communicate with her on a steady basis. Since 1980, Dr. Chufo has had patients in every state nationwide and even in other countries, such as England, Japan, Australia and several more. With her passion, enthusiasm, optimistic attitude and knowledge, she is proud of her success rates being higher than the average statistics. All that she requires is that all individuals have a desire to lose weight and become healthier, second to none. Dr. Chufo asks everyone to commit to a very peculiar and unexpected question. She asks that all commit to being “dumb” as they work with her and not apply any knowledge that they may or may not have relative to weight and weight loss. Dr. Chufo gives of her time, talent and treasure and strongly asks that her patients do the same. Anything less is not acceptable for the obtainable, tangible results that she expects.

Dr. Chufo does indeed value the numbers on the weight scale but knows fully well that these numbers are simply a “piece” of the story. Inches taken off are measured, are significant and are taken on a consistent basis. Progress pictures are taken regularly throughout the process so that success may not only be measured but seen!

Nutritional supplements are a valuable tool that Dr. Chufo utilizes to aid most individuals in achieving their weight loss goals and overall quality of health. These supplements are custom created by Dr. Chufo and her team of qualified researchers from multiple prestigious laboratories throughout the United States. She visits these labs on a consistent basis to ascertain and ensure the highest standards.

The reputation of Dr. Bridget Chufo has been nationally known and respected for the past 38 years. She has been a guest on the Fox News television show, The O’Reilly Factor, has been recognized on predominant national news as an expert in the field of weight loss and obesity and has received many professional awards throughout the country for achieving excellence in her practice. Her proudest accomplishments have been a Finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, One of Pennsylvania’s Best 50 Women in Business and Pittsburgh Business Ethics Award in Small Company Category for outstanding achievement in the advancement of ethics within the business community, to name a few.

Dr. Chufo’s community involvement has been extensive, ranging from being a Board of Trustees member for DePaul School for Hearing and Speech, a member of the Board for The American Liver Foundation, to being a founding member of The Hearing Center of Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a Board of Regents member of La Roche College and delights in her participation in the Civic Light Opera Guild and member of The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

Her professional and personal life resound the same thoughts. Keep life simple. Keep safety a priority and unless you want to live a “groundhog’s” life, keep all values and beliefs sustainable!