Dr. Bridget Chufo-The Wise Woman of Weight Loss

To begin your journey to your best life now, contact the wisest woman in weight loss, Dr. Bridget Chufo at 1-800-900-THIN or drop by her Weight Loss & Wellness Center or visit her website: www.drchufosweightlossandwellness.com

Dr. Bridget Chufo has such a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping people lose weight that meeting with her has the feel of making a pilgrimage to meet a wise woman. For more than 38 years, she has devoted her professional life to the study of weight loss and obesity and to guiding people to healthy eating practices and improving their lifestyles.

Part medical professional, part counselor, part coach and part friend, Dr. Chufo, with her inimitable style and passion, identifies what works when it comes to weight loss, and then imparts that wisdom in simple-to-understand images and language that resonate with her patients.

“Our metabolism is like a furnace,” said Dr. Chufo. “We put coal or wood into the fireplace.  We give our bodies protein to keep the fire burning, which is our metabolism.  To lose weight, we need to eat protein every 3-4 hours. Vegetables and fruit stoke our furnaces, as well.  However, it’s when we add things that don’t keep our metabolism blazing that we begin to gain weight.”

Those items that don’t help our metabolism Dr. Chufo refers to as SSAD foods—starches, sweets, alcohol and dairy. In addition to gaining weight, SSAD foods generally make us feel fatigued, tired, and our sleep is not restorative. It also triggers numerous health conditions. “I believe we have found that sugar is the main culprit. SSAD foods convert to sugar. Dairy is classified in this group because it acts in a similar way even though it is not a sugar” said Dr. Chufo.

“Being overweight can lead to a host of health issues from heart disease, strokes, brain disorders, Type 2 diabetes to arthritis and inflammation,” said Dr. Chufo, “It is estimated that 48 percent of adults in the U.S. need either a knee and/or hip replacement. A major factor in joint failure is that we are overweight. “Losing weight and eating properly is the key.  I always tell my patients to eat God-made foods, not factory-made ones.”

Dr. Chufo has been studying weight loss and obesity since 1980. A Pittsburgh native and graduate of Vincentian High School, she earned a Bachelor’s in Nursing from Villanova University, a Master’s in Family Health Nursing from Duquesne University and a Doctorate in Nursing Research in the study of Weight Loss and Obesity from New York University.

Dr. Chufo has helped hundreds of thousands of patients throughout the country and has been on most national TV news shows offering her opinion and guidance and documenting the newest research. She has hosted a weekly cable news show on PCNC, has been featured on The Tammy Bruce Show, has hosted an hour-long talk show on KDKA-radio every Saturday for 18 years with Rob Pratte, and has been a guest on Fox News station, The O’Reilly Factor, debating the pros and cons of vegetarianism with children.

Along the way, Dr. Chufo has garnered many awards and honors including being selected Woman of the Year, 2005, by The Biological Institute and its Board of International Research. She was a finalist for the 2002 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year, One of Pennsylvania’s Best 50 Women in Business in 2002. In addition, she has been highly involved in the community. She serves on the boards of DePaul School for Hearing and Speech and The Hearing Center of Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Chufo has studied the weight loss industry over the years and the changes it has gone through. She knows what works and does not work when it comes to shedding excess weight. “In the 1960s, it was Metracal and liquid diet drinks in the 70’s, it was “special diets” like the cabbage soup diet, in the 80s, we were told to count calories, (but we know that all calories are not the same).  In the 2000’s, the key  was to limit fat. So, they removed the fat from foods and added sugar or additives. As a result, we are fatter than ever, and we are pumping ourselves full of poisons,” she said. “My patients don’t count anything, especially not calories. They don’t do 500-calorie depravation diets, where the weight comes right back with a vengeance.  They eat healthy, normal, everyday foods and lots of them.”

In addition to knowing how to help people lose weight, she also knows that women and men differ when it comes to weight loss and the factors that cause them to gain weight.

“Women have less muscle, so they tend to see less dramatic results on the scale, but they see double to triple the inches lost to pounds shed because fat takes up more space,” Dr. Chufo said. “We evaluate progress in several ways. Of course, we use a scale, but we also measure our patients, monitor how their clothes are fitting and we take pictures.”

Menopause can also trigger weight gain. “We have patients come in who were always a normal weight, and then they hit menopause and find their waists are thickening and expanding.  Dr. Chufo says. “Our nutritional plan and customized supplements can even take the menopause weight off.”

Dr. Chufo knows that everyone is an individual and tailors her program accordingly. She treats everyone from children to seniors. At present, her oldest patient that she is helping is 86 and her youngest is 13. “We take a holistic approach to weight loss; we take into consideration the mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial aspects of weight loss,” said Dr. Chufo.

To enlist Dr. Chufo’s help in your quest to lose weight, all you need do is give her a call or drop by her Weight Loss & Wellness Center in Pine Center at 11279 Perry Highway, Pine Township. She will sit down with you and get to know you, your lifestyle, your schedule, and why you want to lose weight.  She will  then customize a mild detox for you.  There is the phase of Weight Loss with the number of weeks depending on the length of time needed to get the excess weight off. Stabilization is the next phase where all the foods on the planet are added back into your life.  That is then followed by 24 weeks of Maintenance where there is, after completion, a 95% chance of keeping the weight off for good compared to a 5% chance without the Maintenance phase!   In the beginning, she will meet weekly with you. For those who have a crazy schedule or travel, Dr. Chufo will accommodate your needs.  “I correspond with my patients by phone, text and email. I even counsel patients who live out of state or country.  As long as there is a strong desire to lose weight and a commitment to follow the program, I can work with you from anywhere in the world.”

There are some individuals who do not want to come in for counseling but simply want to utilize the valuable supplements, and that is okay, too.

To begin your journey to your best life now, contact the wisest woman in weight loss, Dr. Bridget Chufo at 1-800-900-THIN or drop by her Weight Loss & Wellness Center.

By Janice Lane Palko