Dance for FUN! at Cynthia’s School of Dance!

Cynthia’s School of Dance helps children become confident and build resiliency at a very young age. Through dance skills, children learn stage presence, to work as a team and much more, all in preparation to recognize opportunities and handle the challenges they will face later in life.

We create success, both in and out of the dance classroom, in our comfortable, relaxed, non-competitive environment.

Children come to Cynthia’s starting around 2 years of age.  They have limited vocabulary and some don’t talk yet.  It’s pre-verbal time and it is okay to attend in diapers.

Dr. Cynthia Zurchin recommends girls and boys start early to be healthy, happy and have success!

By joining classes at Cynthia’s you will notice your child build:

  • Self-control – Learning to take turns and be patient.


  • Confidence– Dance steps which seemed difficult last week eventually become easier with continued effort. Cynthia’s gives support to the students to keep improving. Performing in front of an audience at an early age builds confidence. Many students find they like to perform in front of large audiences.  Students will carry this confidence with them in and out of the dance classroom.


  • A Positive Outlook – By giving encouragement, students learn at Cynthia’s that continued effort produces achievement.


  • Responsibility – Students have to make choices during class. The teacher facilitates the learning and the students are 100% involved.  The teaching staff at Cynthia’s are positive caring role models- Miss Eileen, Miss Andrea, Miss Jenny, Miss Kaylin, Miss Kaitlyn & Miss Nicole – many staff members have been with us- 5, 10, 15 and over 20 years.


  • Participation– At Cynthia’s, dancers of all ages meet new friends and learn to be kind to each other.


  • Thinking skills – Children learn to follow directions, Cynthia’s incorporates math and language arts skills into their dance curriculums. Thereby, students become comfortable in a classroom setting and ready for school.


Dance Classes at Cynthia’s help children develop:

  • Physically- coordination, balance, movement, patterns as physical control.
  • Emotionally- dance provides a physical release of emotions, awareness of others, appreciation of oneself and the great things they can do as young children. Cynthia’s incorporates yoga into many of the dance classes helping students learn to breath and relax while they focus on their time in class.
  • Socially – cooperation with group dynamic and make lasting friendships

Also, studies show that children who participate in dance perform better academically.

Cynthia’s offers classes for girls and boys ages 2- adult.  We also offer an interactive child and adult class for ages 18-24 months, as well as, classes for young teens who love to dance and have other school and family commitments.

When looking for a dance studio, what are the questions to ask?

  1. What are the qualifications of the Director and teachers of the Studio?

Cynthia holds a doctorate degree in education and was principal of an elementary school.  Many of the teachers hold a degree in dance and/or education.  Their students have gone on to dance professionally on cruise ships, Busch Gardens, Disney, or achieved other successful careers.

  1. Are background checks conducted on the Teachers?

At Cynthia’s all instructors have been screened with background checks.

  1. Can you observe your child at all times?

Cynthia’s School of Dance has large windows into the classroom where parents and families can watch their child’s participation and growth.

  1. Is the dance teacher a caring, knowledgeable, patient and willing work with each child?

The instructors at Cynthia’s, most of whom are professional educators, have been personally selected for their nurturing skills for each, individual child.

  1. Is the curriculum, choreography, costumes & atmosphere age appropriate?

Cynthia’s School of Dance proudly maintains an age appropriate curriculum, expectations, costumes, songs and choreography. 


Cynthia’s School of Dance is conveniently and centrally located at 4721 McKnight Road in the Northland Shopping Center. To learn more, visit or call 412-367-3330.