Concierge Gurus Editorial

Concierge Gurus: Personal Assistants for Busy People Bringing Balance to Everyday life

Want more time? Want to free-up your evenings and weekends? Tired of chores, errands and paperwork that keep you from spending your time the way you want?

Now with help from Concierge Gurus, you can have your own personal assistant that’s reliable as well as affordable.

“Make a list of all the things that you hate to do, all the things you would love to have help with and the things that keep you from what you want to do, and let’s discuss how I can take care of them for you – leaving you more time for the things that matter such as family, children and elderly parents, friends and last but not least…yourself,” explains owner and originator of Concierge Gurus, Lisa Shikora.

“We customize our services for the needs of each client,” continues Ms. Shikora, “which is why the initial consultation on how we can best assist our clients is so important.”

Services the Concierge Gurus are currently doing for clients include:

Domestic Management: Help with your everyday chores and errands which include meal planning and preparation, shopping for groceries or as a personal shopper, errands such as dry-cleaning and pharmacy pick-up, wait services to oversee home maintenance contractors and deliveries and so much more.

Lifestyle Management: From elegant dinner parties to assistance planning that major event in your life. The Concierge Gurus help plan, decorate, run errands and more to make your party or event, a lovely success.

Business Center Services: From filing to mailing and drop-offs to shopping for office supplies and much more. The Concierge Gurus can handle the logistics of being personal assistants to your home office or place of business.

“In addition to busy professionals, we also help mother-the-new-mother,” adds Ms. Shikora. “By taking care of chores, errands, shopping and more, we give the new mother a chance to recuperate and spend time nurturing her new born.”

Long-term and short-term contracts are available for busy professionals, new mothers, while you’re away, multi-home services and more.

The Concierge Guru serving the North Hills (as North as Cranberry) and Fox Chapel areas is owner and originator, Lisa Shikora. Lisa has lived in the Pittsburgh region for over 20 years. As a busy mother and wife, she has enjoyed working, volunteering, and entertaining in this vibrant city. Becoming an empty-nester, Lisa saw the need to assist others in tackling all of the extra chores that keep her clients on track to better spend their free time enjoying family, friends and hobbies in and around a city that offers so much.  Lisa has all necessary clearances and is available to work in pet-friendly households.

Lisa recognizes how valuable it is to spend time with your family. Time moves by so quickly. Enjoy it now. It is more affordable than you think.

To learn more about the personal assistance offered by Concierge Gurus, visit their website at Or, contact them directly for a FREE initial consultation. Concierge Guru Lisa Shikora is available at, (412) 956-5610.

Services do not include in-home medical care. All services rendered by Concierge Gurus are non-medical in nature.