Club Pilates Wexford

Husband and wife owner Mike Castiglione and Autumn Adamiak Castiglione

Until now, finding a true Pilates workout has often been elusive and expensive. With the opening of Club Pilates Wexford at the end of May, all of that is changing. Located at 101 Fowler Road behind Labriola Italian Market, Club Pilates offers group classes in a state-of-the art studio at affordable prices. 

Husband and wife owner Mike Castiglione and Autumn Adamiak Castiglione, who come from fitness/sports backgrounds, were looking for a franchise opportunity. After investigating Club Pilates and trying a workout, they knew that they had found what they were looking for.  

“We liked that Pilates focuses on the tiny muscles often overlooked in other workouts. We also liked that in the Club Pilates studio, instructors provide individual, almost personal training, in a supportive group setting. We both were looking for a workout that we would stick with, and Pilates offered us that because it is effective, and more importantly, the workout is fun!” said Autumn. 

“But the beauty of a Club Pilates workout is that it leaves no muscle under- or over-trained,” said Mike. “And anyone can benefit from Pilates. Regardless of your fitness level, you can start with Pilates.” 

Club Pilates offers nine different classes at four different fitness levels ranging from Foundation to Mastery. And unlike heading to the gym where you hit the same weight machines and put your minutes in on the treadmill, workouts at Club Pilates are ever-changing and designed to improve your fitness. In addition to the Pilates Reformer, classes also use EXO-Chair, Bosu Balls, Magic Circle, Barre, TRX suspension and other apparatus.. 

“It is estimated that there are about 5,000 different movements making up the Pilates repertoire, so you will never become bored with your workout and your body will always be improving,” said Autumn.  

Club Pilates instructors are highly trained. “Our Lead Instructor has over 13 years of Pilates instruction, and Club Pilates requires all instructors to have a minimum of 450 hours of comprehensive training. Therefore, our instructors know how to modify any exercise to meet member needs. We have signed up numerous members who are recovering from medical procedures or who are rehabbing from an injury,” said Mike. 

A variety of memberships are available from 4- and 8-packs to unlimited classes. Classes will be offered seven days a week with morning, afternoon and evening hours so that everyone can find a class that fits their schedule. `You are also invited to take a free, introductory class to see how Club Pilates can lead you to a fuller, more satisfying physical life experience. To find out more about Club Pilates Wexford, call (878) 332-2311 or visit the website at: 

By Janice Lane Palko