Why You Should Choose Ideal Image!

Women are the caregivers of their families, so

when you choose to do something for yourself,

be sure you are getting the best possible care.

  • We use only the top licensed nursing and medical professionals in the country, and employ over 200 licensed medical professionals.
  • Ideal Image has performed over 5.5 million laser hair removal treatments nationwide.  Ideal Image is Americas #1 Choice for Laser Hair Removal.
  • We have been in business since 2001 and are the leaders in the Laser Hair Removal Industry.
  • Our nurses go through over 100 hours of training before they can ever treat a guest and we do these treatments all day, every day.

Our guests can return to work or play immediately after most cosmetic procedures. Ideal Image provides our Laser Hair Removal Guests with a Lifetime Membership for the areas purchased.
When searching for medical spas, you want to make sure you can trust who you go to. Ideal Image only uses registered nurses to perform all of our treatments. You can be sure you will be in good hands with a medical professional and not an esthetician. Our nurses go through hundreds of hours of training on each service we offer.

Ideal Image also offers monthly training to keep our nurses the most advanced providers in the industry. We advise to be wary of other businesses that offer laser hair removal, typically they average only three hours of training, (compared to ours with hundreds of hours).  Also, at Ideal Image, we use only quality laser equipment that achieves permanent hair loss. When you are choosing a place to trust with your appearance, you want to make sure you are going somewhere that specializes in what you want. You wouldn’t go to a nail salon to get your hair done, and you wouldn’t go to a life insurance agent to do your

taxes. So why would you go to a dentist to do botox? Or an esthetician to do a medical procedure on you? Here at Ideal Image, we stand by our reputation, our staff of medically-trained registered nurses and we specialize in non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Ideal Image® also prides itself on accommodating its customers’ divergent needs with economical payment plans and interest free financing for all services.

Ideal Image Wexford is located in the Wexford Flats

at 2000 Village Run Road, Suite 204.

To learn more and watch informative videos,

visit our website https://www.idealimage.com or call

(724) 759-2620 for our Wexford location and ask to speak to Michelle.