Chiropractic Family Health Center: Healing Peripheral Neuropathy

northern connection peripheral neuropathy

Chiropractic Family Health Center announces a breakthrough treatment protocol for treating peripheral neuropathy pain, a common condition with devastating effects and thought to be incurable.

Peripheral Neuropathy occurs when nerves are damaged or destroyed and can’t send messages to the muscles, skin and other parts of the body. Peripheral nerves go from the brain and spinal cord to the arms, hands, legs and feet. When damage to the nerves takes place, numbness and pain in these areas may occur.

Approximately 20 million Americans suffer from this debilitating disease. It is commonly associated with diabetes, however, neuropathy symptoms can also occur in patients with restless leg syndrome, sciatic neuropathy, and has been recently linked to statin drugs used to lower cholesterol.  Although, there are also patients who just have neuropathy without a particular cause.

Peripheral Neuropathy symptoms can include:

  • Sharp Pains or Cramps in the Feet or Legs
  • Burning Pain in the Legs, Feet or Hands
  • Extreme Sensitivity to Touch
  • Loss of Balance or Coordination
  • Feelings of Walking on Pins and Needles
  • Weakness in the Arms and Legs
  • Numbness and Tingling or Pain in the Toes, Feet, Hands, Arms and Fingers
  • Dependency on Medications

Many patients are suffering from symptoms of painful cramping, burning and tingling, difficulty walking, numbness and even interruption of sleep.

The specialized treatment protocol offered at the Chiropractic Family Health Center includes 9 specific treatments that are designed to heal rather than just deal with the symptoms.  This therapy has long been well recognized internationally, and these recent advancements offer hope for many more to live a more pain-free and enjoyable life.

Dr. Shawn Richey (a member of the NeuroTCA) has seen many patients suffering with peripheral neuropathy. He has treated patients that have tried everything including potentially harmful medications and other painful testing and treatments. This can leave patients still struggling and wandering down the long road of endless disappointment. Now we are able to address the pain associated with peripheral neuropathy with a successful, non-invasive, drug-free approach that includes the use of light therapy to stimulate tissue repair.

With Dr. Shawn Richey’s neuropathy treatment protocol, patients no longer need to suffer with the pain and symptoms that have restricted their lives. One such patient was Nance Stewart.

According to Ms. Stewart, “When I developed peripheral neuropathy, the condition was painful and debilitating.  My life as I knew it before the diagnosis was no longer there. I shared my problem with Dr. Shawn Richey, who was already my chiropractor.  He suggested that I try a program he had that is specifically designed to treat the condition.  Dr. Shawn first tested me for the disease.  He was the only doctor to actually test the condition rather than diagnose from symptoms alone.

I began the comprehensive, step-by-step program. Now, I am only one quarter of the way through the program.  I have complete pain relief 95% of the time.  Recently, I have resumed power walking, lap swimming, and my daily activities with relative ease.  I am amazed at the progress and efficacy of this program.

Dr. Shawn Richey’s treatment program has given me miraculous relief from a debilitating and painful disease.  I would recommend anyone, who suffers from peripheral neuropathy, choosing to have Dr. Shawn help you to your way to recovery as he has helped me.”

This ground-breaking treatment has achieved a 90% overall satisfaction rate. The treatment identifies the cause and enables nerve endings to regenerate and heal rather than remain damaged. As the treatments repair the nerve endings, pain is reduced, and patients regain balance and coordination.

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