Celebrating a Legacy of Caring for hospital patients and their families

Through its community initiatives, Passavant Hospital Foundation ensures patients and their families receive the utmost care, inside and outside the hospital 

Patient Assistance Fund 

A prolonged illness can drain a patient’s finances. A breast cancer patient, for example, can expect to spend $500 out-of-pocket for monthly medications to prevent blood clots and another $200 per month for pills to calm nausea. Those receiving radiation therapy can expect to pay an out-of-pocket co-pay each time they receive treatment, which could be as often as five days a week.

 The Patient Assistance Fund, established in 2014 by Passavant Hospital Foundation, helps financially challenged patients pay for necessary medications, medical equipment, transportation and other items as they undergo treatment.    

 One of the first beneficiaries of the Patient Assistance Fund was a 62-year-old patient who had been hospitalized four times in one year due to cardiac issues. While his condition could easily have been controlled through medication management, he could not afford the medicine because he did not have health insurance coverage through his employer. As a result, he was hospitalized repeatedly with the same cardiac issues. The Patient Assistance Fund was able to break this cycle and cover costs for the medications he needed to stay well.

 Because this year was especially difficult for patients with respiratory illnesses, the fund provided items such as a nebulizers and associated medications. As each patient need arose, all options for coverage or payment such as medication assistance through the manufacturers or other means were investigated. 

 As part of the Patient Assistance Fund, the Foundation also partnered with North Hills Community Outreach to provide free bags of food that hospital social workers can give to qualifying patients. The bags contain a three- to five-day supply of quick and easy-to-prepare Since its inception, the Patient Assistance Fund has supported 72 patients with a total of $17, 566.

Kearns Spirituality Center 

Patients often travel to UPMC Passavant from other states for cancer treatment, open heart surgery, and other care.

 To provide low-cost overnight accommodations to patients’ families with limited means, the Sisters of Divine Providence have graciously opened their doors at the Kearns Spirituality Center, located on their campus, across the street from the hospital. In partnership with Passavant Hospital Foundation, the center offers 27 air-conditioned, semi-private rooms and three private suites to accommodate up to 60 people. Amenities include a fully equipped kitchen, library, lounge, laundry room and Wi-Fi. Qualifying families are referred to the center by the hospital’s Care Management Department following an interview to determine suitability. First consideration is given to those experiencing financial hardship, who live far away, need quick access due to their loved ones’ critical illness, don’t drive, are elderly, or are alone as they support a hospitalized loved one.

 Guests are asked to contribute $40 per room per night, although no one is turned away for an inability to pay, thanks to the Center’s mission and the Foundation’s support.

 Gloria Virostek, a guest who stayed at the center for 20 days during her husband’s final weeks of a prolonged illness, said, “The proximity of the Center allowed me to be by his side within minutes, which was truly a blessing from God.”

The Power of a Phone Charger 

“We want to ensure we’re providing the best experience for our patients by helping them stay connected to family and friends,” said Sharon Undereiner, Unit Director of 6 Main. “Though each room has a phone for patients to use, we’re consistently seeing patients ranging from 18 to 100+ with smart phone technology.” 

 Recently, the Foundation funded a grant to provide 27 cell phone chargers for use in every inpatient unit of the hospital, as well as the emergency department, so patients can stay in touch with loved ones. 

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