Just a Thought – Livid About the Election



By: Janice Lane Palko

Do you like politics?  I can’t say I “like” politics.  Who really who likes listening to pontificating politicians who seem to be more in love with hearing their own voices and retaining power than serving their constituents?  Who likes watching adults behave like children instead of statesmen?  Who likes men and women who justify their bad behavior with childish excuses like:  “The other side does it too.  “Or everybody else was doing it.  It’s not my fault—they did it first.”   I’ve never accepted those rationalizations from my kids, and I don’t accept them from those running for office either.  No, I don’t like the “game of politics,” but over the past few years, I’ve become somewhat of a political junkie, and for a good reason. [Read more…]