Four No-Sweat Summer Accessory Must-Haves 

     Summer is finally here, and the weather is just perfect for flowy dresses, short skirts and cute, billowy blouses.  With less clothing to layer, our overall look can fall a bit flat.  That’s where the right accessories can wake up a tired looking summer ensemble and spring (or “summer”) it to life!  While on the lookout for your summer must-have accessories, keep in mind to look for items that will offer both form and function, providing you with sun protection as well as adding style.  Read on to finding just the right accessories to splash onto your summer style.  [Read more…]

Mix and Match Your Way into Spring

     With spring in the air and a spring in our step, we welcome the new season with newfound style and sass.  Mix and match fashion trends have always been a mainstay in the fashion industry, but it’s definitely an easier task with the dark colors of fall and winter.  All of those neutral tones seem to just flow together as easy as the ingredients to pumpkin pie, but as soon as the colors of spring start busting out all over (pun intended!), we have some serious style struggles on our well-manicured hands.  This season, like many before, has some fierce flower power as spring’s main event.  Bold and bright will also be added to the vernacular this spring as will stars and stripes and many, many more.  Keep reading on for some of the best and brightest ways to pull off the mix and match trend!  [Read more…]

Declutter your closet fast for the New Year 

Kelly Smith 

      Another new year can mean a fresh start to everything. It’s like hitting the reset button on everything we wish we could change. Most of us set goals that we really want to try to accomplish (I’m talking to you, gym membership) but seldom stick with them. Instead of setting yourself up for a resolution doomsday, try to start with the easy stuff first, and that’s where decluttering comes into play. [Read more…]

Subscription Addiction- Beauty Bonanza in a Box 

      It truly is the gift that keeps on giving!  And, it’s nothing all that new.  We have however; come a long way from magazine subscriptions and the dreaded “jelly of the month club.” (What a perfect time for a #clarkgriswold!)  Today’s monthly subscriptions have a very trendy, millennial feel to them.  There really is a subscription for everyone on your Christmas list. [Read more…]

4 Ways to Reboot Your Fall Beauty Routine 

By Kelly Smith 

Autumn has arrived, and while you may be focused on finding your best fall wardrobe, don’t forget to include your beauty regime. I like to hold onto summer just as much as the next girl does, but at some point, you have to realize that change is-a-coming! That means cooler temperatures, shorter days and longer nights spent in dry, furnace-filled air that leaves your skin and hair in a dull dilemma. Embrace the fall season in style and change up your beauty routine right now.  [Read more…]