Multi-sport Fun: Something for Everyone!

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By: Joella Baker

In 4 weeks I will be heading to my fifth ITU Long Course World Championship Race.  I will have to swim 2.5 miles, bike 75 miles and run 18.6 miles as I compete for Team USA in Oklahoma City on September 24.  My family lives a multi-sport life.  My son and husband both race triathlons too.   But, what exactly does that mean?  In essence, we swim, we bike, we run and we also kayak and hike. [Read more…]

Kids and Breakfast:  What are your kids eating each morning?  By: Joella Baker


By Joella Baker

My summer camps have been very busy.  Serving nearly 250 kids this summer, I have a great opportunity to talk to the kids about what they eat and when they eat.  In fact, I went as far as to bring a nutritionist in to several of my camps to discuss nutrition and its importance in everyday life and their sports performance.  [Read more…]

A New Celiac’s Fight for a Gluten-Free Thanksgiving


By:  Joella Baker

This will be my first holiday going gluten-free.  I’m actually excited about the naturally gluten-free items that I plan to include in my Thanksgiving.  I love food and I love to eat and I especially love my Thanksgiving favorites. Just because now I’m gluten-free doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy the holiday like everyone else.  I just may have to be a little more careful.  [Read more…]

Staying Fit when You’re Back in School 


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By:  Joella Baker


Staying active throughout the school year is tough for those kids who don’t participate in organized sports.  Summer is a great time to be out swimming, riding bikes and just being outside. [Read more…]

Exercise and Diet: Myths and Facts to Help You Succeed

By:  Joella Baker

I’m always hearing people talk about the different diets they are trying and ways they plan to lose weight, lose it fast and keep it off.    The truth is there is no easy way to do this.   If you really want to lose weight and have it last, it takes the following… [Read more…]