Training and Racing without Headphones and Music!  Can you do it?

Music is a wonderful thing.  It can change our mood, motivate us, make us happy or sad, and some believe it can even heal us.  So, how does music affect our training, our workouts and our races?  

I love music.  I teach indoor cycling classes, and music is the key to the classes.  However, when I move outside, to me, racing and training with headphones and music is a distraction.  [Read more…]

Happy New Year!  Walk your Way to a Healthy 2018 

BY:  Joella Baker 

Every year I try to write an inspiring article to help you start the New Year off on the right track. We all want 2018 to be a great one for ourselves and our families. It isn’t easy to make the changes we need to.  We want to be healthier, we want to look better and we want to offer our families everything we can to support them and make them happy too.    [Read more…]

The Benefits of Honey


By Joella Baker 

As an individual suffering from multiple autoimmune diseases, I am always looking for natural ways to control inflammation in my body and stay healthy. One of these ways is by eating honey on a daily basis.   [Read more…]

Balancing Life:  Family, Work, Health and Faith. 

By:  Joella Baker

I am often asked how I get everything done that I do.  Trust me, I am no expert on balancing my life.   I always feel I could be doing so much better than what I am. [Read more…]

Happy New Year!

By:  Joella Baker

The New Year is always an interesting time for those of us in the fitness industry.  We see our gyms and YMCA’s flooded with people after the holidays looking to renew, reshape and resolve.  The problem is, it is often short lived.  [Read more…]