Men In Business

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Women in Business

It was Leah Busque, cCo-founder of Taskrabbit, and online marketplace that matches freelance labor with demand, who said, “I’ve never thought of myself as a female engineer, or founder, or a woman in tech. I just think of myself as someone who’s passionate.” In our Women in Business section, we feature women in a variety of careers and industries from the arts to law to banking and health care. Although they and their work vary, they share something in common—a passion for what they do and for helping our community.  Northern Connection is pleased to introduce them to you.

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Discover the CCA Difference

New year is a great time to try CCA’s fresh twist on education.  Chances are good that your child’s classroom looks pretty much the same as the one you sat in and probably your parents and grandparents, too. Today’s schools may contain more technology than yesteryear, but they still operate on the same model of teaching students the same thing at the same time in the same classroom. [Read more…]


   Days filled with ball games, ballet recitals, boardrooms or other daily activities ?  It’s time  to stop, relax and pamper yourself with these special essential oils. [Read more…]

Gettysburg is a Great Getaway 

         When folks hear the word “Gettysburg,” they usually think of the Civil War.  It’s no wonder since this small Pennsylvania town was the location of the fiercest battles of the American Civil War.  When you tour the town, you will visit the famous battlefields of Gettysburg National Cemetery.  You also relive history when you stand on the spot where President Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous address.  [Read more…]