2018 Education Guide

It’s difficult to believe but we are nearly mid-way through the school year, and it’s time to begin planning for the next one. Perhaps you are enrolling for the first time or are looking to make a switch. Or perhaps you are simply looking for a new educational experience to enrich your life. We are fortunate in the North Hills to have so many varied and exceptional educational institutions in our midst from which to choose. Below are some of the best in our area for you to consider when making decisions about education.  [Read more…]

Back-to-School 2017

From abacuses and slates to iPads and SMART Boards, education has come a long way. With the report of driverless cars and robots that can do just about any task on the horizon, it’s apparent that we are living in an age of advanced technology. Indeed, the future promises even more innovations that will continue to revolutionize our lives. Today’s students need to be comfortable and adept at using technology, and the schools in our area have made it their mission to educate students to be ready for the world of tomorrow. Lest we create a “Brave New World,” educators also know that there needs to be a balance between technology and humanity. Fortunately, the schools in this Education Guide know that there is more to education than being proficient on a computer, they know that values, arts, athletics and social skills make for a well-rounded, well-education student.   [Read more…]

We Are CCA

Some families come to the realization that traditional schooling just isn’t working for their kid anymore.

Some students are blazing ahead of the lesson plan or need more flexibility in their school day.  Others have special needs that aren’t being met.

Whatever the reason, many families soon realize that a tuition-free, public cyber school like Commonwealth Charter Academy is a better option for their kids.

At CCA, students receive a customized education that meets their needs and focuses on their passions.  We know the importance of making friends at school, so we plan field trips and host clubs for kids to get out and socialize.

Find a better school for your kids!

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Natural Curiosity Fuels intellectual Grown!

2017 Northern Connection Education Guide

By Marianne Reid Anderson

In this, our annual Education issue of Northern Connection magazine, we have the honor and privilege to highlight the astounding schools and educational programs in our area that devote countless hours to deliver a positive learning experience to our children. [Read more…]