Summer Camp Guide

2019 Camp Guide:

Someone once said, “My years are divided into two seasons—camp and not camp.”  With summer camp season right around the corner, now is the time to find the perfect camp for your child so that they can make discoveries, make friends, and make this summer the best of their lives. Northern Connection is happy to provide information on some of the best camps in our area. [Read more…]

CCA fosters STEM-related innovations

At CCA students aren’t bound by walls, classrooms or strict schedules, and that flexibility helps
drive an environment that fosters innovation, especially in STEM fields.
CCA is a top, accredited K-12 public cyber charter school that provides a personalized
education to all Pennsylvania students.
Coursework at CCA allows our learners to work at their own pace and pursue their interests
anytime from anywhere with a free laptop and internet subsidy from CCA.
CCA students learn not only through virtual lessons, workbook projects and conservatory
programs, but through a robust offering of programs and clubs that all touch some aspect of the STEM disciplines and foster innovation.
For instance, for eight consecutive years CCA students have won the state-level competition in
the Real World Design Challenge and competed nationally, finishing second twice. The
competition requires student teams to address real-world engineering challenges faced by the
nation’s leading industries. Last year, the team had to focus on designing and implementing
unmanned aerial vehicles to support precision agriculture in corn production to meet a projected
70 percent increase in demand by 2050.

A Drone Club debuts this school year as a direct result of intense student interest in a two-week
summer course on drone flying, regulations and careers.

Another new club this year is the Aquaponics Club, an outgrowth of CCA’s new
6,100-square-foot interactive, integrated agriculture lab. Called AgWorks and located at our
Capital Campus and Family Service Center in Harrisburg, the lab relies on fish to fertilize and
provide nutrients to plants, fruit and produce. CCA students will operate the living lab, gaining
hands-on experience in careers from agriculture and conservation to business and hospitality.
Other STEM-related clubs at CCA include groups for coding and computers, computer science,
and gaming and computers.

The clubs not only build upon skills learned in our virtual classrooms but spark students’
creativity to develop products and services that fill a need. As a CCA freshman, Alisher Aminov
did just that by creating a nonprofit called Yellow Brick Robotics. He uses Legos to teach
creative science, physics, robotics, coding and beginning game development to elementary

It’s the combination of flexibility, a wide array of STEM-related, hands-on opportunities and a
focus on helping students identify and pursue their passions that makes sure students are
prepared for life after high school, whether that’s continued education, a job or military service.
CCA students are learning about tomorrow’s opportunities today.

Wherever you live in Pennsylvania and wherever your child’s interests lie, CCA can ignite the passion for success.

Learn more or enroll free today by visiting or
calling toll-free 844-590-2864.

NHRCES Builds New Leadership Initiative to Unify Regional Catholic Schools 

 Over the last decade, Catholic school enrollment in the North Hills region declined significantly, straining the budgets, leading to tuition increases and the closing of  some schools. Several Pastors requested assistance from the Diocese of Pittsburgh  to develop a sustainable model to preserve and strengthen Catholic education for  future generations.   [Read more…]

Back to School Guide

You’ve all seen the commercial where the parents are doing back-to-school shopping to the tune, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”  While it is meant to poke fun, essentially it is the best time of the year because there is nothing more exhilarating than learning something new. In this issue, we highlight some of the education opportunities available in our area from traditional schools to self-enrichment programs.  [Read more…]

Transform your child’s summer into a fun filled adventure with CampVenturesSM at Kiddie Academy®

at Kiddie Academy® Wexford and Cranberry Twp
Summer camps for children ages 2 through school age.

At Kiddie Academy,® we aim to make your child’s summer as educational as it is fun. Our CampVenturesSM program and curriculum do exactly that through themed events, activities and trips. From preschool through elementary school, your child will enjoy playing developmentally appropriate games. Throughout the summer, we reinforce what your child has learned in school. With CampVentures, your child’s ordinary summer vacation is transformed into a fun and strong foundation for the future. [Read more…]