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Some families come to the realization that traditional schooling just isn’t working for their kid anymore.

Some students are blazing ahead of the lesson plan or need more flexibility in their school day.  Others have special needs that aren’t being met.

Whatever the reason, many families soon realize that a tuition-free, public cyber school like Commonwealth Charter Academy is a better option for their kids.

At CCA, students receive a customized education that meets their needs and focuses on their passions.  We know the importance of making friends at school, so we plan field trips and host clubs for kids to get out and socialize.

Find a better school for your kids!

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Natural Curiosity Fuels intellectual Grown!

2017 Northern Connection Education Guide

By Marianne Reid Anderson

In this, our annual Education issue of Northern Connection magazine, we have the honor and privilege to highlight the astounding schools and educational programs in our area that devote countless hours to deliver a positive learning experience to our children. [Read more…]

18th Annual Education Issue


Coming in the January 2017 issue of Northern Connection Magazine is our Annual Education Issue.

Make sure to reserve your space today by calling 724-940-2444 or email: Northcon@consolidated.net to receive complimentary editorial and discounted ad rates!

Provident Charter School: Dedicated to Helping Children with Dyslexia


Provident Charter School: Dedicated to Helping Children with Dyslexia

If your child is struggling with their schoolwork, to learn to read, write or take notes or do math, he or she may have a common learning disorder known as dyslexia. Dyslexia is a language-based disability, where the brain [Read more…]