“A goal without a plan is just a wish,” wrote Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Since 1948, Hefren-Tillotson, a privately-owned wealth management company founded in Pittsburgh, has been creating financial plans that turn client’s goals and wishes into reality.  

Hefren-Tillotson co-founder Willard J. “Bill” Tillotson had the vision to recognize that for clients to achieve their long-term financial goals, they needed a step-by-step, detailed plan. More than 35 years ahead of the competition, he developed the MASTERPLAN™, which provides clients with a comprehensive, written review of an individual’s financial goals and objectives.  [Read more…]

Solevo Wellness – The Standard in Medical Marijuana

L-R – Rocco Levine, Annie Corbin, Richard Greer, Erin Rodgers, Patrick Gannon

Allegheny County’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Provides Relief for Patients

Jackson’s Pointe Plaza Location Opening this Month

For more information on Solevo Wellness, visit the website at: www.solevowellness.com.

As the adage goes, “You never know until you try,” but when it came to obtaining relief with medical marijuana, patients were not even able to try until Pennsylvania Act 16 was signed into law in2016. Now, with the passing of that legislation and the opening of Solevo Wellness, Allegheny county’s first medical marijuana dispensary, Pennsylvanians certified with certain medical conditions can obtain relief with quality medical marijuana products.

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Oakland Catholic: Creating Empowered Leaders 

Academic excellence. Global experiences. State-of-the-art technology. Athletics for everyone. All wrapped in a commitment to spirituality-in-action that inspires tomorrow’s leaders.  

These are the pillars of education at Oakland Catholic High School, and for the school’s students, parents, faculty and leadership, these pillars are essential to creating empowered leaders.  [Read more…]

Celebrating a Legacy of Caring for hospital patients and their families

Through its community initiatives, Passavant Hospital Foundation ensures patients and their families receive the utmost care, inside and outside the hospital 

Patient Assistance Fund 

A prolonged illness can drain a patient’s finances. A breast cancer patient, for example, can expect to spend $500 out-of-pocket for monthly medications to prevent blood clots and another $200 per month for pills to calm nausea. Those receiving radiation therapy can expect to pay an out-of-pocket co-pay each time they receive treatment, which could be as often as five days a week. [Read more…]

CWNC’s Robotics Program is Committed to Building Innovative Students 

  Contributing authors: Avery Polak and Lauren Angus CWNC Class of 2021 

“Everyone is capable of being a leader. A leader uses his or her knowledge to build others up and to empower other students to also become leaders themselves. They delegate properly in that way. On our team we really try to practice servant leadership. It really is the key to any functioning team in any walk of life.” 

 The STREAMM+ integrated curriculum at Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic High School provides students with the opportunity to explore new opportunities and prepare themselves to be future leaders in our evolving world.  CWNC Robotics is one such program that is striving for excellence, as it exposes students to various areas of science and technology.  The team was established in 2015 for students exhibiting heavy interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  The mission of the CWNC Robotics program is to build students of creativity, leadership and professionalism – connecting them to a future enlightened by their STEM experiences. Aspiring to achieve these goals, the students created Team 5740, The Trojanators, a FIRST Robotics Competition Team (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology).  

 Team 5740 emulates these objectives throughout the season by learning and applying lifelong skills. Designing and building a robot requires teamwork. As a part of the team, students learn solution development skills, project management skills, problem solving techniques, leadership, as well as communication skills. Mr. David Yackuboskey, Lead Mentor of Team 5740 and CWNC Physics teacher, said, “Everyone is capable of being a leader. A leader uses his or her knowledge to build others up and to empower other students to also become leaders themselves. They delegate properly in that way. On our team we really try to practice servant leadership. It really is the key to any functioning team in any walk of life.” 


During the build season, the Trojanators divide and conquer to meet the rigorous timetable to build the robot. The students are divided into sub-teams based on interest. This allows everyone to contribute according to their interests and talents. Every sub-team is important to the success of the group.  Sub-teams include roles such as robot designers, electrical engineers, business managers and safety and marketing.  

 As a FIRST Robotics Competition Team, Team 5740 competes in two regional-level competitions during the season. Each regional competition provides an opportunity to qualify for the World Championship Competition, which takes place in Detroit, Michigan, at the end of the season. Teams can qualify for the World Championship by winning a regional competition or by winning various awards throughout the season. Over the past four years, the Team 5740 has been working towards a chance to attend the World Championship Competition. As a result of their determination, dedication and community outreach, Team 5740 earned the 2018 FIRST Engineering Inspiration Award.  This prestigious award celebrates outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering within a team’s school and community. By winning this award, the team qualified and attended the World Championship Competition for the first time in school history.  


Mr. Matt Esser, 2018 CWNC graduating senior and one of Team 5740’s founders, said, “Our team has grown substantially over the past four years. We have not only advanced our skills in robot design, but we have also fostered a deep community impact. Through our team’s efforts to promote STEM throughout our community, we have started and supported multiple opportunities for students to explore engineering and technology.”  [Read more…]