Oakland Catholic: Creating Empowered Leaders 

Academic excellence. Global experiences. State-of-the-art technology. Athletics for everyone. All wrapped in a commitment to spirituality-in-action that inspires tomorrow’s leaders.  

These are the pillars of education at Oakland Catholic High School, and for the school’s students, parents, faculty and leadership, these pillars are essential to creating empowered leaders.  [Read more…]

Celebrating a Legacy of Caring for hospital patients and their families

Through its community initiatives, Passavant Hospital Foundation ensures patients and their families receive the utmost care, inside and outside the hospital 

Patient Assistance Fund 

A prolonged illness can drain a patient’s finances. A breast cancer patient, for example, can expect to spend $500 out-of-pocket for monthly medications to prevent blood clots and another $200 per month for pills to calm nausea. Those receiving radiation therapy can expect to pay an out-of-pocket co-pay each time they receive treatment, which could be as often as five days a week. [Read more…]

CWNC’s Robotics Program is Committed to Building Innovative Students 

  Contributing authors: Avery Polak and Lauren Angus CWNC Class of 2021 

“Everyone is capable of being a leader. A leader uses his or her knowledge to build others up and to empower other students to also become leaders themselves. They delegate properly in that way. On our team we really try to practice servant leadership. It really is the key to any functioning team in any walk of life.” 

 The STREAMM+ integrated curriculum at Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic High School provides students with the opportunity to explore new opportunities and prepare themselves to be future leaders in our evolving world.  CWNC Robotics is one such program that is striving for excellence, as it exposes students to various areas of science and technology.  The team was established in 2015 for students exhibiting heavy interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  The mission of the CWNC Robotics program is to build students of creativity, leadership and professionalism – connecting them to a future enlightened by their STEM experiences. Aspiring to achieve these goals, the students created Team 5740, The Trojanators, a FIRST Robotics Competition Team (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology).  

 Team 5740 emulates these objectives throughout the season by learning and applying lifelong skills. Designing and building a robot requires teamwork. As a part of the team, students learn solution development skills, project management skills, problem solving techniques, leadership, as well as communication skills. Mr. David Yackuboskey, Lead Mentor of Team 5740 and CWNC Physics teacher, said, “Everyone is capable of being a leader. A leader uses his or her knowledge to build others up and to empower other students to also become leaders themselves. They delegate properly in that way. On our team we really try to practice servant leadership. It really is the key to any functioning team in any walk of life.” 


During the build season, the Trojanators divide and conquer to meet the rigorous timetable to build the robot. The students are divided into sub-teams based on interest. This allows everyone to contribute according to their interests and talents. Every sub-team is important to the success of the group.  Sub-teams include roles such as robot designers, electrical engineers, business managers and safety and marketing.  

 As a FIRST Robotics Competition Team, Team 5740 competes in two regional-level competitions during the season. Each regional competition provides an opportunity to qualify for the World Championship Competition, which takes place in Detroit, Michigan, at the end of the season. Teams can qualify for the World Championship by winning a regional competition or by winning various awards throughout the season. Over the past four years, the Team 5740 has been working towards a chance to attend the World Championship Competition. As a result of their determination, dedication and community outreach, Team 5740 earned the 2018 FIRST Engineering Inspiration Award.  This prestigious award celebrates outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering within a team’s school and community. By winning this award, the team qualified and attended the World Championship Competition for the first time in school history.  


Mr. Matt Esser, 2018 CWNC graduating senior and one of Team 5740’s founders, said, “Our team has grown substantially over the past four years. We have not only advanced our skills in robot design, but we have also fostered a deep community impact. Through our team’s efforts to promote STEM throughout our community, we have started and supported multiple opportunities for students to explore engineering and technology.”  [Read more…]

Genesis Medical Associates: A Tradition of Quality Healthcare

In today’s health care environment, patients desire to have more input into their health care decisions.  This trend of active patient engagement has been one which the doctors and staff of Genesis Medical Associates have long embraced.  Genesis is strongly committed to supporting their patients so that they are motivated participants in their health and well-being. [Read more…]

Fat Freezing: Myth or Proven?

Meet the Coolscupting Providers at Cosmetic Laser Centers 


Why choose Cosmetic Laser Centers as your Coolsculpting provider? Here’s a cool answer. During consultation and treatment, patients at Cosmetic Laser Centers are seen by a licensed medical provider. Nurse Practitioner, Maria Brosovic, and Physician Assistant, Sarah Abraham, can answer patients’ questions from a medical standpoint before and throughout treatment. Understanding what is happening on the inside of your body while seeing amazing results on the outside… now that’s COOL!

 Meet Sarah Abraham, MPA, PA-C 

Sarah Abraham

Sarah joined Cosmetic Laser Centers as a physician assistant in 2013. She has been a physician assistant (PA-C) since 2009 after graduating with high honors from Duquesne University
where she received her Master of Physician Assistant degree from John G. Rangos Sr. School of Health Sciences. Prior to joining Cosmetic Laser Centers, Sarah practiced medicine in urgent care and interventional pain management for busy practices. Sarah also has clinical dermatology
experience. She has always been passionate about aesthetic medicine and skin care and loves helping patients to look and feel their best. She routinely performs the full menu of cosmetic procedures offered at Cosmetic Laser Centers, including facial injections and laser resurfacing. Spider vein injections and Coolsculpting are Sarah’s favorites to perform. She is a member of The American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery and the American College of Phlebology. Sarah attends multiple conferences annually to stay current on the latest technologies.


 Meet Maria Brosovic, MSN, CRNP, FNP-C  

Meet Maria Brosovic, MSN, CRNP, FNP-C Maria Brosovic, MSN, CRNP, FNP-C, joined the team at  Cosmetic Laser Centers in November 2015. Maria graduated from Ohio Valley Hospital School of nursing in 2012 and continued her education, earning a BSN from Waynesburg University, graduating with high honors. Maria completed her MSN at Franciscan University where she graduated with high honors. Prior to joining Cosmetic Laser Centers, Maria worked in dermatology for over three years. Maria especially
enjoys treating spider veins and performing Coolsculpting treatments. What she loves most about Coolsculpting is going through the process from consultation, to treatment, to the final results. “I love going on this journey with our patients because the outcomes have been amazing!” said Maria. She is a member of the American College of Phlebology, the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery and the American
Association of Nurse Practitioners.

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Get the Skinny on Coolsculpting 


Q. What Is Coolsculpting?
A.Coolsculpting is an exciting new technology that uses precise, controlled cooling to permanently remove unwanted pockets of fat without surgery. 

Q. How DoesCoolscupltingWork? 
A.The principle behind Coolsculpting is “cryolipolysis,” which is the idea that cold temperatures cantarget fat cells without damaging the skin or surrounding tissues. The fat cells freeze and die. The destroyed fat cells are metabolized by the body over time. 

Q. Is Coolsculpting painful? 
A.The Coolsculpting treatment involves the placement of a vacuum applicator on the treatment area. Once the vacuum applicator is engaged, patients may feel pulling, tugging and pinching for a short time. Once the cooling cycle begins, patients may feel a stinging or intense cold sensation similar to putting your bare hands in the snow. This can be a little bit uncomfortable but only lasts a short period of time as the area becomes numb.  

Q. Is there a recovery period or the need for some“down-time” after treatment?
A.Patients typically experience little to no “down-time”;however, they may experience some mild bruising, aching, cramping, swelling, itching or numbness of the treated area. These symptoms typically resolve within a week or two. The newer Coolsculpting treatment applicators have made the patient experience not only faster, but far more comfortable during treatment and the days following treatment. 

Q. Which body areas can be treated?
A. Coolsculpting is currently FDA-cleared for nine different body areas. These areas include the sub mental area or double chin, upper arms or the bat wings, abdomen, back fat, flanks, inner thighs, outer thighs, the banana roll which is the area right below the buttock, and above the knees.  

Q.Can I expect the results to last?
A. The fat cells in the treated area are permanently destroyed. If the patient maintains their healthy lifestyle, the visible results should last. 

Q. How long does it take to see results? 
A. Many patients appreciate some results as quickly asthree weeks after the treatment. Maximum results occur after three months. 

Q. Who would be considered an ideal candidate for Coolsculpting? 
A. Though an“ideal” candidate would be someone who is within 30 pounds of their ideal weight, any patient who has pockets of unwanted fat may benefit from Coolsculpting.  

Q. Is Coolscuplting a method for losing weight? 
A. Coolsculpting is a body-sculpting tool and not intended as a means of weight loss. The Coolsculpting procedure can help both women and men get rid of those stubborn pinch-able pockets of fat.  The device and its applicators were designed to treat areas such as the belly, love handles, double chin and upper arm fat, to name a few. The fantastic results that Coolsculpting can provide are further enhanced with the maintenance of a healthy, active lifestyle. 

Q. How many treatments are required?
A.Most patients will require more than one treatment session for a given body area. The average is two sessions per area, although there are certainly exceptions depending on body type, patient goals and budget.

Q. How much doesCoolsculpting cost? 
A.Treatment plans are customized to a patient’s needs and budget. Coolsculpting cost depends on the size of the treatment area and the number of areas a patient wants treated. The cost for a typical abdominal treatment is about $4,500.

Q. Why should I choose to have Coolsculpting at Cosmetic Laser Centers?
A. When a patient chooses Cosmetic Laser Centers as their Coolsculpting provider, not only is their evaluation performed by aphysician extender, but so is their treatment.  Since Coolsculpting is a body contouring tool, we feel that the medical expertise of a Nurse Practitioner (CRNP) or Physician Assistant (PA-C) is a benefit to our patients.  

Q. How can interested patients get started with their Coolsculpting transformation?A.Patients can call Cosmetic Laser Centers at 724-935-4200 to set up a free Coolsculpting consultation with our Nurse Practitioner or our Physician Assistant.  

Testimonials from actual Cosmetic Laser Center’s patients. 

“Early last month I finished my Coolsculpting treatment on my stomach. After only a month. I notice a difference! Even my husband has noticed. Will definitely be back for treatment of other areas!” 

-K.L. CLC Coolsculpting patient 

 “I am three weeks out from Coolsculpting treatment of my double chin and am just blown away at how much better it looks. I am amazed every time I look in the mirror.” 

-Thomas J. CLC Coolsculpting patient 

 “Very pleased with my overall experience with Coolsculpting at Cosmetic Laser Centers. My under arms or ‘bat-wings’ look so much better. Maria, the nurse practitioner at Cosmetic Laser Centers, was great from consult and throughout treatment. During my second treatment, the machine sent an alert that an area of my skin might be too cold. I was relieved and thankful that Maria was there to manage things and make sure that I was safe from a medical perspective. Great place, great staff, great results!” 

Lara C.  CLC Coolsculpting patient 

 “I had Coolsculpting on my bra fat and am so happy with the results. Thrilled to wear tank tops again without feeling self-conscious!” 

-Leah S.  CLC Coolsculpting patient 

 “I have only finished the first of two treatments on my inner thighs, and I am already seeing and feeling a change. I can’t wait to see the end results!” 

Lauren F.  CLC Coolsculpting patient  

 “Two months out from treatment of my back fat and outer thighs, and I can feel a difference in how my clothes are fitting. Yes, Coolsculpting really works!”  

E.B.  CLC Coolsculpting patient 

 “I had my abdomen treated by Sarah at Cosmetic Laser Centers. I see a difference, and Sarah was great. Very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in Coolsculpting or other cosmetic treatments.” 

Jordan L. CLC Coolsculpting patient 

 “I had Coolsculpting on my abdomen at Cosmetic Laser Centers and my results are definitely noticeable. Usually every year when I pull out my spring shorts and capris from being packed away for the winter, I have to pitch them and buy new as they’re always tight on my stomach. This year, they’re loose!” 

Ann G.  CLC Coolsculpting patient 

By Janice Lane Palko