CWNC Prepares Students for Life Through Career Development Program


By Lisa Logan

As high schools increasingly place emphasis on preparing students for post-secondary education and their future careers, a growing number of teachers are fusing classroom learning with hands-on experience. At Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic (CWNC), Jennifer Parsons, program manager of the Career Development Program, combines academics with career exploration. [Read more…]

Genesis Medical Associates, Inc

Genesis Medical Associates, established in 1995, is the largest, independent, primary-care practice in the North Hills.  As a physician-owned independent practice, Genesis Medical Associates accepts all major insurance plans and is committed to providing the highest quality patient care even as healthcare throughout the Pittsburgh region goes through a transformation. [Read more…]

Lose Weight with Dr. Vactor’s Life Changing Plan!

Don’t Wait to Lose Weight with Dr. Vactor

Do you want to have a fun and enjoyable summer? Do you want to be showing off a new you in only a month’s time? [Read more…]

Allegra Pittsburgh and Image360: A Team That Goes Above and Beyond


Allegra Pittsburgh for Design, Marketing, Print and Image360 for Graphics, Signage, Displays

It is staggering how many schools, businesses and professionals have been helped by Allegra Pittsburgh and Image360 over the past 20 years.

“Together, Allegra Pittsburgh and Image360 offer complete turnkey solutions,” explains president Mike Philips.  “Whether a client is looking to launch a new website, craft a custom marketing campaign or create eye catching signs and graphics, we can help bring our client’s vision to life. Our talented and objective graphic design team can work independently or with a client’s marketing team to bring a project from development through final implementation. [Read more…]

Ideal Image: Experts in Laser and Medical Spa Services


The experts at Ideal Image can trim you down and make you look your best for the BIG Day and Every Day

Do you want to look your best for a wedding or other special occasion?

Do you want look fresher, younger, thinner?

Do you want to keep them guessing? [Read more…]