Business Spotlight: Start the Heart, LLC


Every person, from every household and every business should be trained in high quality Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the proper use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

Don’t put off today what could save a life tomorrow!

Start the Heart is a unique and special training center, committed to providing the highest standard of training available! Start the Heart empowers people by preparing them to respond to a Cardiac Arrest as well as other emergency situations.

Scott and Brenda Frank, the founders of Start the Heart, are the team behind the dedication and passion that makes Start the Heart the respected leader in exceptional CPR/AED training. They consistently command and provide the knowledge, skills and confidence required to perform high quality, effective CPR on someone in Cardiac Arrest.

Start the Heart provides a full array of American Heart Association CPR / AED / First Aid and Pediatric First Aid courses as well as courses offered by the Emergency Care and Safety Institute and the Safe Sitter course.

Other courses offered include:

Child Abuse Recognition & Reporting Training (CARRT) – This course is designed for mandated and permissive reporters as defined by the Pennsylvania law.

Personal Safety Awareness Training (PSAT) – Personal Safety Awareness Training is not merely to educate you on potential safety threats and what you can do to prevent them, but to suggest you have a larger goal to increase and enhance your focus on the importance of heightened awareness. This will serve as an additional layer of defense against personal safety threats. THIS CLASS IS FOR EVERYONE but a great class for women.

Babysitter Education & Safety Training (BEST) – Ideal for adolescents 11-14 yrs. old. This Safe Sitter course teaches babysitter skills, awareness, responsibilities, prevention, safety, injury management and prevention for specific ages, stages of child development, and personal limitations. This course also teaches CPR and Care of choking techniques for Child/Infant, following the American Heart Association guidelines.

Pet Emergency Training (PET) – Presented by Dr. Donna Schuring of Bradford Hills Veterinary Hospital. The course includes PET CPR and First Aid, providing you with the knowledge and skills needed to assist and aid your pet, dog or cat, in an emergency.

Start the Heart provides training to anyone interested in, or required to have CPR/AED or First Aid training. For your convenience, this dedicated team offers training on site at YOUR BUSINESS LOCATION as well as at their WEXFORD TRAINING CENTER.

Start the Heart is conveniently located near Route 910, the Wexford exit off I-79 and the Cranberry exit from the PA Turnpike. Located in Wexford at the Pine Center, 11269 Perry Highway.

Be pro-active and be prepared! Don’t wait for help to arrive; YOU need to be the help! Remember this, seconds turn into minutes and every minute matters!  Call 724-622-7229 or visit Start the Heart at For additional information on the babysitter training, visit