Business Spotlight: Kids Plus Pediatrics and the Holidays

logo1By: Marianne Reid Anderson 

Kids Plus Pediatrics has been around for 30 years, with locations in Pleasant Hills and Squirrel Hill/Greenfield and now office in Cranberry/Seven Fields Located at 671 Castle Creek Drive, just off Route 228.
The practice, is physician-owned, family-focused and almost all of the physicians have children. In a recent conversation with Dr. Todd Wolynn, President and CEO of Kids Plus Pediatrics, Dr. Wolynn offered some very important tips for a safe and healthy holiday.
Dr. Wolynn reminds us that “during the winter months, the air is considerably dryer and so you may need to use a humidifier during the night to promote healthy lungs and sleep patterns.” He also mentioned that “in addition to being mindful of children near wood-burning fires whether they are in fireplaces or wood-burning stoves, wood-burning fires can actually make the air difficult to breathe for children with asthma.”
Dr. Wolynn also said that “during the holidays, the practice sees an increase in belly aches and food sensitivity.” Dr. Wolynn reminds us that “when it comes to sweets and goodies, moderation is the best policy and parents still need to be involved in helping children to make good choices.” He also said that parents with children with food allergies, particularly to nuts need to remain vigilant because many foods can be introduced to the home that contain nuts or are made with nut oil that re not typically found in the home.”
“In addition to food allergies,” Dr. Wolynn also recommends that “parents be mindful of potential allergic reactions when introducing any new items into the home such as pine trees or a new puppy or kitten, potential symptoms could include rashes, wheezing or coughing.”
As a parent himself, Dr. Wolynn points out to parents of older children, “that older children want ‘screen-time’ in front of computers or gaming stations but due to the country’s obesity epidemic, we as parents need to make sure our children are getting enough active play time, particularly during the winter months.” Dr. Wolynn suggests having the children “earn screen-time, for example, for every two hours of active play, the child earns a half hour of screen time.” Dr. Wolynn also points out that “involving our children in holiday activities, crafts and projects presents a wonderful opportunity for family-bonding while reducing the amount of time a child spends in front of a screen.”
If you find that you do need help this holiday season, Kids Plus Pediatrics schedules same-day sick visits seven days and four nights a week and offers no-appointment necessary walk-in hours five mornings and four evenings a week.  At the new Cranberry office, Kids Plus also offers all-day, no-appointment necessary, walk-in hours. 
In addition, Kids Plus Pediatrics maintains an online patient portal where parents have access to medical records. Kids Plus Pediatrics accepts all major and most minor health insurances. Kids Plus Pediatrics is also currently accepting new patients.  For more information on the practice, visit their website at or their Facebook page.