Business Spotlight: Hey Baby! 4D Ultrasound Studio. Let’s Take a Look at You!

3D/4D Imaging of Your Bundle of Joy

Through 3D/4D prenatal ultrasound technology, Hey Baby! 4D ultrasound studio offers you a personal and profound look at your baby-in-waiting. Performed in the same manner as a standard ultrasound, but with a press of a button, the equipment can render a 3D-image so you can see the features of your newest family member. The 4D adds the dimension of motion so you can see the baby’s movements like video and take home your own pictures and DVD.

Hey Baby! 4D is perfect for the impatient parent. At only 15 weeks, they are able to determine gender! Not to worry, if your baby is shy and gender can’t be determined on the day of your visit, you are always welcome to come back, free of charge, for a time that your little one wants to be seen. One impatient mother-to-be was told she “might” be carrying twins and just couldn’t wait the 10 days for a standard sonogram appointment, so she called Hey Baby! 4D and the parents were able to verify and see the twins that same day.

Hey Baby! 4D is owned and operated by Jennifer Salac, ARDMS. Mrs. Salac is a registered ultrasound technician and has been performing medical sonograms for over twenty years.  “I always loved the last couple minutes of the diagnostic exam, when I could show the baby moving around and point out fun features like fingers and toes, so I decided to pursue this opportunity and focus on the joy and happiness these services can bring. Also, you can share this experience with family and friends, we welcome you to bring up to 15 people with you to your appointment!” explains Salac.

In addition, Hey Baby! 4D offers scratch- off cards with the baby’s gender and is a fun way to let grandparents-to-be and other family members know. You can also have the baby’s heart beat recorded onto a “heartbeat chip and have it placed into a cuddly plush-toy. Hey Baby! 4D is also ideal for parents who only want to see what their baby looks like and not know the gender. In this circumstance, the gender will not be determined. Gift cards can also be purchased and make for a unique baby shower gift.

Hey Baby! 4D is an inviting, relaxing, comfortable, and spacious environment located conveniently located at 12703A Perry Highway in the Westmont buildings in Wexford.  To learn more about Hey Baby! 4D and their complete array of services and packages visit the facebook page at or the website at or call 724-241-3881.