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Children’s Dermatology Services has the only Acne Treatment Center of its kind in the region.  Led by the region’s only two board-certified pediatric dermatologists, Dr. Robin Gehris and Dr. Douglas Kress, this practice provides numerous diagnostic and therapeutic services for infants, children, adolescents and young adults through 21 years of age for problems such as acne, eczema and other rashes, molluscum, warts, psoriasis, birthmarks, hemangiomas, vitiligo, alopecia, moles, skin cancer, melanoma and more.  In addition to Drs. Gehris and Kress, their medical team includes two pediatric dermatology fellows who are board certified in adult dermatology and are pursuing their pediatric subspecialty training; an attending pediatric dermatologist who completed his pediatric dermatology fellowship in 2012; and several physician assistants who are nationally certified and licensed, who work side-by-side with Drs. Gehris and Kress. 

Acne:  For some it may not a problem that’s “just skin deep”

Acne is one of the most universal medical problems in school-aged children, teens and young adults.  Many patients feel hesitant or embarrassed about seeking medical care or discussing their acne with their physician or provider and instead seek to treat it themselves with one of the many over-the-counter products.  While this may be a reasonable first approach, some patients unfortunately end up spending hundreds of unnecessary dollars on multi-step skin care regimens that end up proving to be ineffective.  Others attempt to modify lifestyle factors such as diet, which have never been proven in large studies to improve acne. 

Some parents may regard acne as a “rite of passage.”  Acne can lead to serious social and emotional repercussions that may affect a developing child’s self esteem and self confidence and can persist into adult years, especially in the cases where scarring results.  The great news is that there are many prescription options which can treat and then prevent future acne outbreaks.

Who should I call if my child, teenager or young adult have acne?

The medical professionals most highly trained to diagnose and treat acne are pediatric dermatologists who have formal training and board certification first in adult dermatology and then specialized fellowship training and additional board certification in pediatric dermatology.  A trained and board-certified pediatric dermatologist will consider your child’s skin type, activities and schedule as well as the safety of the medications.   The pediatric dermatology team will provide you with reasonable treatment options that are affordable or covered by your child’s insurance so that you don’t spend a fortune treating his/her acne.  If you are concerned about your child’s acne and desire treatment, waiting to make an appointment is a mistake, since many of the treatment options begin working maximally after 4-6 weeks and then show continued improvement thereafter.    To schedule an appointment, call Children’s Dermatology Services, at 724-933-9190,

Children’s Dermatology Services, 11279 Perry Highway, Suite 108 Pine Center, Wexford, PA  15090